Sound changes when a campfire is between you?

Hi guys, I’m new to the site, so hope i posted this question at the right place. Didn’t know where to post it, so I thot id see what you guys say. So the holidays are almost over, but with the warmer weather, we can be outside. So, last night we were sitting around as a family around a campfire, and I noticed that the person speaking on the other side of the fire would sound a little different, depending where the fire was leaping. Like the clarity of the vowels and consonants would change. I was wondering, am I nuts? Or is that a possibility, has anyone else experienced this? It was almost like listening to an mp3, versus a WAV or something :)
Heat means the air pressure above the campfire is higher than elsewhere. :)

And this, your first post, is how you chose to make that all important first post? It's an interesting observation however....
Yeah, the air is the medium through which and by which sound is propagated from source to listener. Superheating its path will mess it up! You should try talking through a large cooling fan.
Wow this is so revolutionary and important!!
Putting Brilliant Pebbles in the microwave, the next HOT tweak!
Were you all farting around the campfire?
That's okay as long as no one punches a horse.