Zu Audio Soul Supreme Impressions?

I am about to pull the trigger on a pair. Any impressions, good or bad?

My understanding is that they're 90% of a Druid V but easier to place. I have a Druid V and it's really really really good.
Thanks for the response. I see you had the Superfly before, what did you think of it?

What makes you think you're going to like them better than what you have?
I'm also curious as to what you are looking to change, assuming these are not to be for a second system. Your present system seems pretty well sorted out.
Sounded fantastic in Newport.
You guys are right. I heard them today and my Cornscalas are much better for my room and listening tastes.

I think everyone tends to read reviews, look at pictures and imagine how various components sound, to the point where we actually think we're right. The truth is, until you have something home in your system, you're pretty much engaging in fantasy.