Your thoughts on active loudspeakers

I have been looking at several active loudspeakers, Heavenly soundworks,  Buchardt, and, and KEF LS50 wireless II. Any thoughts on these or are there others you think are better? Thanks!!!
@mijostyn --

Theoretically, active loudspeakers could be amazing...until you add in the profit motive. I have not heard one yet that amazed me.

Profit motive? I’ve heard so much bland passively configured that it tires the mind, and the by comparison few active iterations that have entered the stage have, by and large, been delightful deviations to that (passive) trend.

The best active systems I’ve heard are non-bundled, separate component solutions that’ve been setup and fine tuned by their users in specific acoustic environments over months of time. No restrictions wrt. speaker size, type, sensitivity or component choices in general - just carte blanche. Those are the set-ups that have truly blown my mind and that have left most everything passive fighting in vain for similar scale, cohesion, dynamics, resolution, ease, stability, etc.

A worthwhile takeaway with such separate component active solutions: typically they’re much less expensive for what they offer sonically.
Added note: The original TL074 op-amp slew rate was 13v/µs, new LM6172’s are 3000v/µs. Noise and distortion is also lower. Make your own crossovers and enjoy.
Ok now that you posted your thoughts on active speakers I HAVE ANOTHER QUESTION. THOSE OF YOU THGT WERE FOR ACTIVE SPEAKERS

Which active stand mount speakers do you like best and why regardless of price? Thanks again!!!
That’s not taking into account the impact of a passive cross-overs between the amp(s) and speakers
As with anything passive, good ones have less sterility to their sound, than a hand full of opamps in an active xover does.

Cheers George