Your Experience with Bryston 7BSST.....

I need to replace my B&W MPA 810 MonoBlockcks, used to drive the Woofer Sections of my INFINITY BETA. Unfortunately, one has gone South, and B&W aren't disposed to repair them, and in spite of schematics, I'm having no luck getting them repaired. SO...this brings me to the BRYSTON 7BSST. I understand they are outstanding in Current Delivery and other "Bottom End" aspects that might make them a good choice for this application. I've seen the BRYSTONS (various models) used extensively in Pro-Sound/Touring P.A. systems, and know their reputation for reliability. I've had no exposure to them in "Home Audio" situations, and that's what this query is about: Could any of you Out There on AudiogoN share your First-Hand Knowledge of the BRYSTON 7BSST, particularly regarding the Low End ??? Thanks !!!!!!
My buddy has Betas, went from a Bryston 4BST to a pair of Sim Audio W-10 monoblocks for the woofers. I have asked him to respond to your thread...
Hi Uncajuan; The Bryston 7BSST make great price/performance amps, they can be found used for good prices and are definately built to last. I am Sutts friend who bought the Simaudio W10's. I played with a few different amps before settling on the W-10's. I compared my Bryston 4B-ST with a Krell KSA-250 and a Simaudio W-5 (because I was thinking about either MDA-500's or W-10's), the Krell went much deeper and is a high current amp, The Simaudio also went much deeper than the Bryston (but not as deep as the Krell). I fould I liked the higher damping factor of the Simaudio, because it controlled the woofers better. Your milage may vary since you no doubt have different associated equipment, but hopefully this will help you make the decision that works for you. Have fun and let me know where you end up. Tony
Although I don't have experience with the 7BSST, I once owned the Betas and used a 4B NRB for the bass columns. It was OK, but I eventually replaced it with a QSC M3000a. I believe it produces enough current for 900W/ch into the Beta's 4 ohm impedance. The QSC had much better tone definition and slam than the Bryston, and is available at professional musician's outlets for around $1000. QSC has since gone to digital switching power supplies which might be even better. The main thing with the Betas is to use tubes for the mid/twt columns.
I had a pair of Bryston 7B SST running my Revel Salons. Amazing bass and overall very clean sounding. I recently upgraded to a Krell FPB 600 C because the 7 B SST's did not have enough juice to drive the Salons to the level I like. You will not have a problem with any other speaker other then Wilsons or BIG electrostatics.
I can HIGHLY recommend them. Some of the best Bass in the business. It has similar sonics to the Krell FPB 600 C, but not quite in that level. Very good amps if using smaller speakers.
I have had my 7BSSTs for almost a year now. I'm driving PMC IB1s through Cardas gold cross wires and ICs. Truly this seems to be a Heavenly combination. Musical Fidelity A308cr player with a tube preamp by Foundation Research, a new company with incredible equipment!
The power and control of the Brystons continues to amaze me. The PMCs "do what they're told". Wonderful from the bottom to the top. Delicate and authoritative. I love my Brystons.
Two years ago I had trouble with my 4BST. I took it to Toronto and they fixed it while I waited! 45 minutes later we were out the door, no charge! Solid warranty, great people, I'm a very satisfied customer. Ask for James Tanner. He is very helpfull and knowledgable.
I use 7B-SST with Revel Salons. I really like this amp for the attributes that others have previous mentioned, detail, bass, clarity. I would also add non-fatiguing and exciting to that list too. I use Virtually Dynamics cryoed Signiture power chords into the amps directly from a wall outlet. The jewel in my system are my Revel Salons and I have no problems with keeping the Brytons for a very long time with these brilliantly designed speakers.

I use balanced cables from my Bryston BP25 preamp. One thing that I recently did that I found useful was setting the gain on the 7B-SST to the 2v (??) position (the lower position). This was a wonderful revelation for me. I do not know why this was so but my perception of the soundstage and detail increased further at this setting. The Bryston manual actually recommends this setting but I of course didn't read it for several months.

I have compared these same set of speakers with ML 486 amps, while they sounded great, after 3 hours of listening my head was pounding. This was never the case with the 7B-SST after 7 months of use.
I recently swapped in a First Sound Presence Deluxe II preamp instead of my BP25 for use with a Bryston 14B SST. The result has been a terrific smoothing of the highs while maintaining the clarity and neutrality of the BP25. Highly recommended.
I have a pair of 7BSSTs driving PMCIB1s tti-wired through Cardass Gold Cross cables. I'm very happy with this set-up. As for bottom end, PMC's are known for their low end ability and the Brystons feed them what they need to do the job-lots of clean deliberate power! I would recommend this match up to anyone who wants true professional studio quality sound. Family demands have me ready to reluctantly sell my equipment, but I've never been dissatisfied with any aspect of performance.