Your best “Necessity is the mother of invention” moment with your system

I had wood floors put in negating the needs for spikes but the floor inserts sounded bas on the new hard floor ... solution —- used hockey pucks under my subs and speakers. Protects floors with little noticeable sound degradation and allows for heavy speaker placement and adjustment is worry free and relatively easy, allowing you he right placement at which point you can put your expensive spike receptacles back on . Just my little hack.. want to hear yours..

What have you done that’s practical and effective for your purpose.. curious to hear whAt you’ve come up with..
Herbies Cone/Spike Decoupling Gliders under my Wilson MAXX speakers and REL subs improved sound and allows me to move the heavy beasts with no problem. Great product; great company.
+1 for the gliders, one of THE best tweaks in 50 years in audio !
Paper towel ’hats’ for my Magnepan 20.7s so the cockatiel (pet bird) would not land.... and take a dump. (out of spite. he knows. he knows..)
I know
I am actually sorry I posted to this thread about my Magnepan 'hats'. I seem to have shut it down SORRY!  IT was a good topic.
@elizabeth ....

I think your post was spot on... I wasn't looking for tweaks to buy or spend a lot of money.. More into what others were doing to improve their situation with little or no money.. Great solution by the way!!!