Yet another Discrete R2R Multibit Dac, this one from Audio GD.

Their all starting to jump in to do discrete r2r multibit.

Cheers George
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how does the FPGA control and correct the R2R ladder?
I think Halo or someone does something similar, some sort of feedback correction to get accurate resistor tolerances. Just noticed it has a TCXO (temperature controlled) clock as well, with (PCM / DXD / DSD Native support.   

Being done by Audio GD it could be one to look out for for doing RedBook pcm, certainly priced right at $2.5k. Shipping prices from these guys are always cheap.

Cheers George
Here is a well done video preview by and independent reviewer, explaining in good detail how they get around R2R resistor accuracy.

Cheers George
Audio-gd has been doing R2R dacs for a long time
I have there Master 7 and it is a great dac