Wadia vs AMR Multibit CD-players


Has anyone compared this CD players?
I'm now big fun of multibit DACs non-deltasigma.
And this players use that DAC chips as I know.
There are many designs using multibit DACs. All BB1704 based ones for example.

Naim CD555
Moon Andromeda RS
Reimyo 777 CDP and DAC
Thank you, Elberoth2. I didn't know it.
I heard about Reimyo also.
Have you compared any of them?
I'm looking for CD player and as my multibit DAC outperforms best deltasigma DACs, I decided to search in multibit area.
I just bought an used Reimyo CDP-777 out of curiosity. I will let you know in a couple of days.

BTW - IMO there is more to the CDP/DAC design than the chipsets beeing used. Resolution Audio Opus 21 and Wadia 302 both use a pair of 1704 chipsets, and yet sound totally different. Go for the sound, not particular thechnology.