Schiit Bifrost w/multibit OR....

So, I built a microPC for my significant other that was never used, so I am going to turn it into a streaming/digital source for my stereo (Asus H97I plus MB with Intel CPU). From what I am reading on Agon, the Schiit USB Bifrost is not only cheap ($600), up gradable, but also sounds good.
What do you guys/gals out there think? Are there any other alternatives that compete price wise?
My system:
Vandy 3a sigs w.2W subs
McCormack DNA-1 upgraded gold
McC RLD-1 preamp
McC DAC-1 Dac
McC Transport
Also, what is the best connection? USB, or Toslink? The Asus MB has a S/PDIF connection.
Thanks Bob
That is some nice gear you have. I have the Vandy 2CE Sig II. I see you have the bigger Vandys and the subs. Bet it sounds great!. Also I had the Mcormack DNA-125 once. Great Amp. But I also have the Bifrost Uber and it's very nice. I don't think the multibit is really any better, but the real advantage is just that Schiit offers upgrades. I have been very happy with the BU. It's one of my most favorite set up and forget great sounding pieces of hi-fi.
I differ from 2psyop.  I had the original Biforst, upgraded to Uber and then again to Multibit at the end of December.  The Multibit upgrade is jaw-droppingly good.  It is finally a pleasure to listen to digital.  Sounds great on Redbook, but on High Res, particularly 192/24bit material, it really challenges vinyl playback on a Linn LP12.  This DAC had totally re-invigorated my music listening.  It is a steal for $600.
The Gustard X20 is $869 delivered from China and plays double DSD (Quad speed via I2S) and has volume control.  A couple of people already think that stock it is better than the $2300 Yggy from Schiit.  With easy to DIY mods it is in another whole level.  One guy cannot even mention his NAD M51 now that he has it.  Another guy today just got one and without any burn in it has beaten his Wryed for Sound DAC 2 DSD (not sure if its the SE version, wlll find out), and his Buffalo DAC.  His Yggy is away but he will A/B when it gets back.   This thing is crazy good.  You can send it back, if you do not like it.....really!