Yamamura PC's

Anyone have experience with these? If so, can you describe characteristics (are they smooth?)and are they competitive with others?

Specifically, I am curious about the Millenium 5000 3 pin.

I have the 5000, 2 pin PC. Like all Yammamura products they have a slight bump in the low midrange/upper bass which imparts a mild "chestiness" to vocals and instruments. Depending on your system this may or may not be preferable. At the time, with a solid state system, it made male vocals,cello,acoustic bass sound fabulous. Definately on the warmer side of "neutral". No loss of transparency or dynamics noted. Hope this helps. Enjoy listening.
Well I have all Yamamura 5000 system. All the way from interconnects, speakers and lately 6 AC from Yamamura.
3 pin all of them. 3 x Y5000, 1 x Y4000, 1 x Y3000 and 1 x Y1000. I have a tube integrated amp. Unison Research and
great digital front. Analog is Kuzma Stabi/Stogi. The latest cables arrive in mu system are AC cables. I have Yamamuras from the biginig in mu system. Add in extra in the and AC from Yamamura just made mu system better and better. AC cables in the and made a final tuch. There was a small but great inpruvement especialy when I change smaller Yamamuras to Y4000 and Y5000. Yes there are smooth, kind of special like no other cables. I didnt have a chance to hear them in solid state system but with the tubes thay are simply great. Audio Alchemy CD transport inproved too, Monolith MPS for DTI Pro 32 and MSB Linc DAC III (personaly upgraded to the high level) sounds great. Details are just fantastic, sound stage deeeeep, wide , tall. Hights are kristal clear but no sharp at all, mids are WoW like thay supose to be a live and than bass is gone werry deeeep, clar and unbilivebly real. Basicaly great to listen for hours.
I have a Opera florstanding speakers. This 3 way speaker with two small (13cm) mid drivers creating a huge bass. And lots of help comes from Yamauras. So far Yamaumars give me a great pleasure all the way.