Digital Cable Like Yamamura : Laidback, Smooth

Hi All,
My quest for the "right" digital cable has been going on for an year now. After trying quite a few digital cable, I have finally found one cable that sounds right, just right. Its a Yamamura Millenium 5000. Its smoooooooth, with a huge open airy soundstage which is laidback....yet its very detailed. Not the ultra detailed stuff but it gives you almost everything that most good digital cables would give out.
I want exactly that....

Unfortunately, Yamamura is no more available new...I am getting one Millenium 3000 which I am not sure would be as good as the I am looking at other options as well. Here are few that I am considering:

1. Analysis Plus Digital Oval
2. Au24 Digital cable
3. Sterevox XV2 ( I have heard sounded neutral but a bit dry and lean)
4. Cardas Lightning
5. Yamamura Millenium 3000

Out of all of them, I have only heard XV2.
My requirements in the order of priority
1. It has to have a laidback stage....I cant take anything which is bit forward...

2. It has to be very smooth (no silvers please) with a low noise floor.

3. If it is warm without sacrificing detail...nothing like it !!!!

I have heard that Oval 9 are warm without sacrificing detail...but I dont know if they are forward or not. But if they are not..I would really want to try them because they are inexpensive relatively.

Au24 has decent reviews but any first hand experience would be helpful.

How is Cardas Lightning...again some first hand experience would really help.

If anyone has anything to say about Yamamura 3000...please please please suggest.
Hi Pani,

I rarely heard people talked about Yamamura. I love the Yamamura cables and I was a user for the M6000 Digital Cable before I switch back to a one box CDP.

The M3000 or even the M5000 cannot compare to the M6000. The M6000 was the top of the line model (except the Millenium limited edition). The M6000 gave a bigger soundstage and more detail and more liquid than the M5000 and maintain the life-like warmth like no others. From the list you provided, it is hard to rival the M5000 or the M6000. At the time, I tried a very expensive Transparent Audio cable (forgot model) but it's like $1500 used and the Cardas Golden Ref but none give you the "seduction" as the Yamamura M6000. In today's hifi world, you would need to pay around $1000 or more (used) to get M6000 musicality and performance. I have a friend who may have a M6000 laying around, let me ask him......

Good luck and enjoy!
I have to agree with you about your impressions. I also run mostly Yamamura cabling, along with StraightWire Cresendo/Acrotec.

In case you weren't aware Yamamura was also labeled at ART. You may add that to your search.

PS--I may have a 6000 digital cable which I am not using.
good stuff I still have a pair of yamamura mil speaker cable and ic --that I am no longer using --believe it is the 5000---If you are interested I would list them on the gon and sell them that way.
A good alternative in cable would be a NIRVANA AUDIO TRANSMISSION LINE as a digital or any NIRVANA SX, maybee a bit less organic then Yam products ........No gimmick with Nirvana
My favorite digital cable is the Kubala Sosna Emotion, XLR 1.5m. You should give one a try if possible, might be what you're looking for.
All you guys, who have any Yamamuras to dispose, please email me at my following address:
I have to admit one more thing....I have not tried out high end cables, $1000+ category because thats way above my budget but I do understand that there would be amazing products once you go that league...