Speaker cable ... probably not Yamamura, or?

I am in the market for some new speaker cables. I have very good experience with Yamamura interlinks (I own the M4000, M5000, and M6000). However, I do have the feeling that these 'soften up' the sound a bit.

I was considering some Yamamura speaker cables as well, but I am unsure whether a full Yamamura-cabled system would be too much of a good thing... Can you recommend some cables that keep the life in my system?

My system:
Pass F5 amp
Tube preamp (DIY Aikido)
Tube DAC (DIY TDA1541a S2)
Michell Gyrodec Turntable
Auditorium 23 or Audience Au24e. I use/prefer the former.
Telurium Q Blue, Black or Ultra Black
The Auditorium 23 are also quite good
What are your speakers?
You can think about cables from "Signalcable". They are very good in general, high quality connectors and the price is very fair.
Forgot to mention my speakers:

Audio Physic Tempo 2 SE
moderately priced, full range, amazingly clear, detailed sound, without a hint of harshness.
Excellent illusion of an in-the-room performance.
If you like listening to the human voice or acoustic instruments then it is easiest to immediately realize how natural, musical, and realistic great recordings actually sound.
Great speaker cable gives one the feeling that a recording played through the system can't sound any better.
Hi, I own and use Both Yamamura cables for Signal and speaker

M6000 signal and m4000 LScable

Audio Physic Tempo 3. Manley Stingray Tube Amp.

Never had a better combition. Had the best Xlo LS and Interconnect, (sig2) but that wat too much into the face, though more slam. These Yamamura cables sing subtle and make a stage... recommend it for tube amps.