Has anyone has experience yamamura Churchill M6000 speaker calble.
I am got a very good deal so I would like to know how is it compare to the others hi end cable eg.spm, transparent.etc
is it worth it for their price.
you can read at Stereophile about it, or search the Audioreview.If it is good deal-jump on it...you are for a spin...
I'm using the M6000 speaker cable with Audio Physic Virgos driven by conrad-johnson premier 12's. It is excellent cable. The "sound" tends to be on the warm side of neutral. There is absolutely no edge or harshness. Incredibly musical sounding. The cables are quite fast but not at all zippy or etched sounding. They give a very deep 3 dimensional soundstage which is slightly recessed in the midrange. Ambience retrieval is excellent. Highs are very sweet...not at all overly bright. The low end is slightly colored and a bit thick or warm yet still articulate. These cables could probably be more transparent and punchy in the bass. If your system is a little bright and you want to tone it down a bit these cables will work very well. They are also an excellent choice if your system is neutral. If your system is already on the warm side you may want to go with something that is a bit leaner than the Yamamura. These cables are definatly worth their cost.