Yamaha Amp M-70 question and Opinions

Is this Yamaha supposed to run hot ? Is it Class A ?
Appreciate any input about this Amp
Thank you
It's a beast of an amp.  Like the Yamaha integrated I had from that era, I think all those power amps were class A for the first 10 watts or so and yes ran hot.
Yup, cook eggs on it . Sounded good anyway .
The M-70 was 200wpc  and was A/B. The M-80 that replaced it was also class A/B but had and 'Auto Class "A"' feature.  The amp could run in pure class A up to about 25wpc. It sounded much better in A/B mode. Trust me, Levinson didn't lose any sleep over them. 

Nice amp, the M-70 is the one to have.