Yamaha A-S2000 - question for owners

I bought a 2-yr-old Yamaha A-S2000 and have a concern about the tone controls. The knobs snap into place at 12 o'clock like you would expect, but when I turn them to adjust bass or treble, sound cuts out briefly. The same thing happens when I turn them back to 12 o'clock.

Has anyone else experienced this with their own A-S2000? Would you mind checking to see if yours does the same thing please?

I am this close to picking up the A-S2000 and matching CDP, so I could let you know in a week or so :) Not to thread hijack but how do you like your amp, I hear a lot of good things but What Hifi? kind of panned it saying it was too smooth and relaxed.
I have had one since November. It does the same thing. I assume it is because the tone controls are supposed to be out of the signal path at 12:00.
Sound: Pretty good. I prefer it, with Tannoy Turnberry speakers, to a Pass XP-10/XA30.5, which I didn't expect. Not too smooth or relaxed for me, even with those speakers.
But, Thefferon, here is a question for you: Do you feel some sort of resistance from the volume knob after you've turned it quickly down a certain amount? I'm going to tell myself it is somehow related to the mute function, which is designed to mute only part way.
I tried one out when they first hit the market. My unit did the same thing with the tone controls. It was a good unit but sounded dull with my stuff. I found the tone control thing hard for me to use properly. It is a well built unit though and would probably last a good long time.
Thanks for the information guys
Mine does the same thing, completely normal. The tone controls on the a-s2000 are done a little differently. I believe there is more info on the yamaha website regarding the tone and volume control.
I had a new one 2000, it did the same with the tone controls, maybe because relays activate alternate path.

It's a good integrated, I sold mine because my big room and Proacs wanted more grip, I went to a pre-power combo.