Monster Power AVS2000 generate AC noise or not?

Beside regulate AC voltage, does the AVS2000 filter out any EMI/RFI or could it also generates its own EMI/RFI? This lead to my real question: I was lead to believe that the AVS2000 would definitely improve any home theater system especialy the pictures on TV. Well, when I plug my Pioneer projection TV to the AVS2000, we notice that the picture has running vertical white lines (I believe this is AC noise) for at least a few minutes then the lines seems to disappear. This does not occur when I plug the TV directly to the AC wall outlet. How can I get rid of these noises? Should I use another piece of power conditioner or add in the Blue Circle BC86 Noise Hound to eliminate the noises?
If any of you have ran to this problem or know how to fix it, please lend a helping hand. Thanks.
Check vansever model 11 dedicated to video.It works well.Costs 270$.
I own the Signature Edition of this model and I don't have similar problems. From my understanding, this model does not eliminate noise form the signal. It only regulates voltage. I use this piece with the HTPS 7000 Power Center. That is what eliminates the noise from my understadning. It is the line conditioner not the AVS2000. I hope that this helps.

Thank you Vrsola and Elihu for your feedback. I will wait for more feedback (if any) before I attempt to make the fix.
Have any of you tried the Blue Circle Noisehound? Do you think it will work in my case? Thanks.
Hi,There I have been through 2 of these units so far with the last one sent back to Monster last week,I found the unit quite noisy and I only had a 32 inch tv plugged into the unit but no lines that you describe,although I had very wierd failure last week so far the Monster people have been excellent to deal with!