Yamaha A-S2000 XLR Input Issues?


So I was looking at used IA's and am considering a Yamaha A-S2000 Amp.

Overall, this amp seems to get good reviews from everyone but I have come across a potential issue with the XLR inputs.

I used to think, if you have a XLR output on a device, you can simply run that to a input on another device, like this amp.

But I guess it is not that simple.

The Yamaha only seems to accept 2.8v from what I have read and if you have a device that has more power than that, then there could potentially be some distortion issues.
I was thinking, if I get this amp, would like to run the XLR output from my DAC. I read up on my DAC's details and it seems to output 6.8Vrms from XLR.

So I guess it would not be compatible using those outputs.

Does anyone have any experience with this or suggestions?

I came across a used A-S2000 and am considering it but this new revelation to me has me thinking twice now.

Sure, I could just use the RCA outputs but would have preferred the balanced outputs.

There is always something, huh.

I own the A-S2000 & used to have it in my main system for awhile...awesome integrated amp! I had the same issues with some slight distortion periodically running XLR. My solution was the Rothwell attentuators to lower the gain. It cleared up the distortion I would hear from time to time between my Schiit Yggdrasil (A1) & the A-S2000. I think they cost me about $100 at the time & did the trick.
I run the Luxman 507ux with a high voltage out DAC, the Mytek Brooklyn, and I have no issues other than the volume control is more limited in range, as you’d expect.

I have not heard the Yamaha side by side to compare.

However, do you actually have anything which will output that much?