XLO vs. wireworld

How would one compare the sonic signature of XLO's signature series to Wireworld silver eclipse? I Have xlo now. Thanks
Why are you wasting your time. Each of those and all wires sound different in different systems. If you really want to know borrow cable and listen how it performs in your own system. That's the ONLY way you'll know.
Try the lending library at usedcable.com
Hi Doug...I just noticed you're new to Audiogon. In many instances, when someone asks a question similar to yours about sound comparisons among cables, they're typically advised(above)to contact The Cable Company to audition in their home the cables they're curious about or considering for possible purchase. This is one of the best ways to get the answers you want. Relying on others' impressions and opinions might be misleading since, to use a worn out phrase, cables are system dependant. That is, when interacting with other peoples' components, they might sound quite different from what you would hear if they were placed in your system. And, there's also the matter of different tastes to contend with. Give them a ring at TCC. Someone there will explain the details for you. The phone number is 1-800-328-9973, and their hours are 10 to 6 Monday thru Friday and 11 to 5 Saturday(all Eastern time). Best of luck.
Opus 88 it was nice of you to take it easy on a new fellow and just give counsel.
Kind thanks, Foster_9, and to you other Audiogoners who have e-mailed me expressing similar sentiments. I'm confident a good number of other members also share our feeling of concern. It contributes to making this a better forum for exchanging ideas and providing assistance in the search common to us all.
It's a shame TCC won't extend the lending library option across the border here in Canada- asked them years ago, and they said no...