wyred4sound sx1000 mono blocks .... (not the r) Opinions :

I just purchased these used. ( new in yr 2011 )
They sound very good ...using  with Klipsch Heresy 1 speakers.
My Pre amp is Audio Research LS7
Are there any owners who also have these Class D Amps that would like to share their opinions ?

I had a pair many years ago that I used to power my Maggies 1.6 and I thought they sounded good. I eventually switched over to a Plinius amp and I heard great improvement in all areas. I'm not saying the monoblocks are not good, its just that amps sound different. Lots of power for thos highly efficient Klipsch Heresy 1 speakers.
Nice amps but severe overkill for those speakers IMO. 

A low to mid power tube amp may be a bit more satisfying to many ears but YMMV. 
I have a vintage pair of Heresy's. They match well with my SE 45 and 2A3 tube amps! Average listening power is under 1 watt! Paul Klipsch said "What the world needs is a good 5 watt amplifier"! He liked the Brooke amp.
A smaller "class A" amp can do wonders with those speakers.