McIntosh MC501 vs Wyred SX1000

I am wondering if anyone has compared the Mcintosh amps directly to the W4S units. I am reading some reviews that the W4S amps are remarkably smooth. I know that the 501 pretty much stomped the NuForce unit. The Wyred is supposed to have modifications that set it apart from the NuForce. I Would love to hear some opinions before I make my move................
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I am curious too.
So do I.
I have owned a W4S and currently own a McIntosh MC275. Admittedly, the Mac I own is a tube amp, but the W4S amp did not even sound as good as my B&K 4420, an inexpensive class A/B solid state amp. The McIntosh is better than both, and much better than the W4S. Frankly, I don't know why some Class D amps are described as tube-like. If you really want to demo the W4S, either find a Bel Canto dealer to hear the Ref. 1000 (which I think sounds very similar to W4S) or buy the W4S amp but be prepared to return it if it doesn't suit your tastes. W4S discourages tire kickers, but am sure they would honor their return policy...
I have heard many say the 501 is the best sounding Mac there is. If the Wyred cant compete with a 4420 it isnt touching a 501. I respect B&K but Im with you. Mac is in a different realm.

I think a BelCanto demo is a great idea.

Thanx and regards.
Mcondon - Which W4S amp did you have? I had a B&K 4420 a while back. The W4S ST-250 I presently own lierally stomped the B&K.
I wonder, Do you consider the W4S smooth?

The 501's will drive many loudspeakers well.