Wow an old album that rocked your world

I know this is a Hifi forum but isn’t it about the music as well. Has anyone recently played a
Vinyl, disc or whatever you are into. One that you forgot was so good and totally was blown away by the music and the recording? If so share it with us. Mine was Mahavishnu orchestra Birds of Fire. Have not listened to that for some time. Wow. FORGOT HOW GOOD THAT WAS. 
This is what Hifi is all about IMO. 
As this thread progressed, it went from "an album" to "a list of albums" to "49 albums."  Always happens.

The Velvet Underground & Nico.

After the first two The Band albums, the next two albums that changed my life were:

Dave Edmunds: Get It

The Dwight Twilley Band: Sincerely

Both Dave and Dwight (along with partner/drummer/singer Phil Seymour and guitarist Bill Pitcock IV, both now deceased) drew from the Rock 'n' Roll of the 50's and the Pop of the early 60's. Dave's first half dozen albums are fantastic, as are The Twilley Band's only two (Phil left after no.2 for a solo career).

I had Birds Of Fire on 8-track after seeing them at The Kinetic and Summerfest.
Rock my world?
Wang Chung Warmer Side of Cool
Say goodbye to the 80's with 4 different "real" drummers beating up the skins.
Hendrix's Axis Bold As Love - a mint German pressing!