Felice Bryant: you rocked my world

Felice Bryant, one half of the greatest American songwriting team of all time, died Tuesday at age 77. Even if right now you might be saying "Felice Who?," I bet that you can hum the tune to more than just a few of the songs that she co-wrote.
Of course we all know about the Bryants' (Felice + husband Bourdleaux) great hits they penned for the Everly Brothers, but I had never realized they were also responsible for "Rocky Top", the Tennessee state song - that's one of those tunes you just assume is traditional. When you can write songs that sound like they've been around forever - well, you can really write some songs, and this team definitely could and did. "They don't write 'em like that anymore!"
With the greatest respect, bye-bye love.

Rest in Peace, Felice Bryant.
Nina Simone died yesterday, too.
How about "Love Hurts" by Gram Parsons, Nazareth, and how many others for a great song?

I knew about the Everly Bros, Roy Orbison, David Lindley, Leo Kottke and Byrds spin-offs (Gram Parsons, Flying Burrito Bros, Chris Hillman) but holy cr*p, look who covered their songs!:http://www.allmusic.com/cg/amg.dll?p=amg&uid=1:39:09|PM&sql=R60411#SONGSAPPEAR (17 screens worth!) Of course, when you write 3,000 songs...
BTW Tweakgeek, I just noticed you said "greatest American songwriting team of all time", full stop. Rodgers and Hart/Hammerstein? George and Ira Gershwin? Holland/Dozier/Holland? Lieber and Stoller? Wilson/Christian? Bachrach and David? Any of the legendary Brill Building pairings? C'mon, no need to proclaim 'greatests' here...