Wonderful 300b tube amps, and reason why.

Hi tube lovers. I purchased my first 300b tube integrated 2 months ago and it is absolutely the sound I have been looking for, when mated to my Volti Audio Vittoras. The Vittoras are 104 SPLs, so only a few watts are usable. I was wondering what 300b tube amps you have used that you found truly great for the money? My 300b integrated is a Musical Paradise 428 v2, comes from Canada and only cost $700, and $550 for EM Labs 300bs. Have you found spending more really improves the sound quality, and what brands did you find this with. Thanks much, Dale.
I had a Cary 300B amp but then went to a better sounding Cary 2A3 amp. Found a Jeff Korneff 45 tube amp even better. Am now using a $350 Miniwatt amp on my Lowther Medallion II's and it is simply beautiful. I thing most SET's on a high efficiancy speaker will sound glorious
I have a Cary 300B SEI as well as a Cary CAD 280 V12 (not 300B, but SET) and a Golden Tube 300B II Special Edition. These float my boat, doesn't get much better for the money.