Im curious what you guys recommend for speakers at a reasonable price. floor standing and center.      cheaper kef, svs, klipsch, what?         i was looking at them three     not looking to spend a ton but dont want to go super cheap.     can someone give me some recomendations for midddle priced speakers.  dont want to spend over 2500 for 2 floor standing id say       let me know your thoughts please.        going to use a svs subwoofer and FOR NOW onkyo tx-nr809 receiver      HELP PLEASE       THANK YOU 
Have you had any speakers you have liked or heard any you like ? If so what are they 
I liked the svs pinnacles in the store.     I own 2 of the last 3 klipsch series.    Was pissed when they came out so quickly w same speaker dif stand for the bottom n more modern look.   That sound a ton better too        i wss glancing at the kef q series.    I think its the q series.     Just not sure what to do.       Looking for dif opinions 
At about 2k for used Tekton Double Impacts. Muuuuchhh better than anything else out there in that price range IMO. 
From what I’ve read, Tekton owns this segment. But can’t go wrong with KEF, B&W, etc. Also, Tannoy has a new tower for $1100 that looks very interesting.
If you’re at all serious about home theater I would not skimp on the center channel speaker. I’d shy away from SVS — good speakers but that metal-dome tweeter doesn’t always play nice with A/V receivers. Very hit or miss. Here are a few to consider:

  1. Ascend Acoustics Sierra Tower ($1998/pr), Sierra Horizon Center ($1098).
  2. Aperion Audio Grand Verus lll ($1998/pr), Grand Verus lll Center ($559).  You could also drop down to their Intimus series and save a lot of $$$ and still get very good performance. 
  3. If you can find them new or used, the Wharfedale 10.7 Diamond Towers and Diamond 10.CM Center will sound great and be half the price or more than the others, which would leave you room to add a nice SVS sub.
Just a few options to ponder. Hope this helps, and best of luck.

BTW, I worked for Magnolia for a bit and got to try all their receivers at length. By far my favorite and the most transparent and dimensional with high-quality recordings through $9000 B&W 804Ds was the Yamaha Aventage. Smoked Marantz, Adcom, and Onkyo, and it has the bonus of being significantly more reliable than all of them as well. A guy came in who owned a Marantz AVR and when I switched back and forth between his Marantz and the Yammy he told me the Marantz sounded “broken” in comparison. He was not happy. Anyway, more food for thought FWIW.

Monitor Audio on sale. :)  Check out Parts Connexion, and I think either Music Direct or Audio advisors.
 It IS a tough question. I am, right now auditioning a set of rear loaded horns that I built. Should be plug and play, right? I know better and have several drivers to try out in the enclosures. Even though I like the sound of the horn in general, it will require auditioning. 
 In short, I gone for the build it yourself concept over the decades because of what you can save in price and shipping. 
Find somewhere to hear the Paradigm Premier line.  $3K for their biggest floorstanders and their biggest CC...inclusive!  And they are one of the few companies that use vertically aligned TW/MR on their center channels, which is key for good dialog and blending with the L/Rs.  Their smaller kit is $2400 for all 3.  I use their SE-1 and SE Center from a a few years back, and I am totally happy with them...for HT.
Depending on your room size, I would suggest an in home demo of Ohm Walsh towers and center.  I have the 2000s and a matching center.  For over 10 years now, I have enjoyed them and have no interest in trying other speakers.  YMMV, of course, but I think they are an amazing value.
Magnepans SLM's come in at only 650 a pair and get great reviews if you have the room 
I can second the Ascend Acoustics Sierra Towers.  I have a pair and they are great!
I am getting Paradigm prestige soon for audio only.  But I think the Premier would work well as someone else mentioned.  I like the KEF R100 for a warmer sound but they are clearing out the R500 floor standers for a good price.  Heard good things about several of the ones mentioned.  But you have to listen for yourself.  There are so many good but different sounds to the same source.  Also may want to consider Focal and Dali.
At $2500, I would think there are a lot of good options.  At the end, it's all about personal preferences though, especially at this price point (assuming brand new).  
Elac. Andrew Jones, aka Mr. TAD, is a genius. See if they are your cup of tea 
As mentioned previously, there are some Salk models that would be a good choice. For something a little unique take a look at Ohm Walsh's.
If you're just gonna connect em to a receiver, don't bother. Unless you plan on upgrading to an integrated. Only then will you understand just how poorly the receiver was serving you. Not to mention the misleading advice that led you to rely on it in the first place. Sorry. Lotta misleading advice out there.

Also if you're gonna go the HT center channel route don't bother. With two speakers set up properly the center image will be better from two good speakers (driven by an integrated amp, not a receiver) than any three speakers you can buy for the same budget. 

Its all about the budget- and not the size of the budget either but what's in it.

Get two of the best Tekton you can afford. Ditch the receiver ASAP for a decent integrated. And instead of putting all your money into one sub spread the same budget out over four.
You'll need a load of power and a big square room with walls behind them though. 
@tblanka ...Keep the Onk for awhile (I looked up the's far from 'ghastly', y'all. *S* Stop pushing the bias....), and buy the speakers you Want and Like the sound of....

(Currently that model is $200~350 on eBay....just for reference sake...)

You can use your sub with the 'newbies' and make the call:
Love It....or List It. ;)

Play with your space like all good audi's ought to...right? *G*

THEN (and only when), make the call on 'separates'....and what the budget might cope with. *S*

If the 'home system' can't 'do' NPR on the weekend in my local focal locus....On makes for a 'long weekend' and not necessarily pleasant at times....

As is said:
"Your Results May Vary...."  
I don't know yours...;) *L*
Happy hunting/listening....
...I'm a big fan of the KIS principal.  I only add the 2nd S if I think it's deserved.... ;)

Speakers are and will always be the Biggest Modifier of your experience.

Going 'integrated' at the same time inserts another variable into your equation...which, IMHO (millercarbon, please Note..*s*) has already become a whole new one by nature...

Again....MHO....and I'll stand with it.
No simple answer.  It really depends on your system, your room, and your listening preferences.  There are some good bargains to be had in used floorstanding speakers, if you don't mind a nick or a scratch.  You can usually end up paying half or less.  A used set of La Scalas?
DALI’s Oberon towers and Vokal are worth a try if a local dealer displays them. Forget Focal...their new Chora line doesn’t even offer a Center channel model, and their last one, the Chorus 900CC, frankly sucked. I also think Ohms should be on your list...if you can get to hear them. 
I just order the Magnapan 0.7's and if you can drive and place them correctly they are hard to beat for the price, but I'm still keeping my DT Mythos ST's that I use for HT. They are a predisesor to the Goldenear line of speakers. I love that they have  built in sub making them a truly full range speaker. So the the Goldenear Triton 7 tower speaker might be a good one to consider.  Good luck 🎻
Consider the KLH Kendalls. They are beautiful with their real wood veneer and they sound great! I auditioned them against Klipsch Forte IIIs and chose the KLH over the Klipsch.
If the JBL Studio 590s are still on sale for a grand a pair, I'd jump on them.  They are crazy good.  Read around.
Paradigm 85F floorstanding speaker plus their 55C center channel.  You can call Scott at The Sound Shop in Colorado Springs.  He will give you a screaming deal.  Tell him Larry Edwards sent you.
soix, I listened to everything at Magnolia and found the ARCAM 505 to be much much better.  You could get a deal at Listen Up in Denver.

Those JBLs look killer for under a grand! They really do get rave reviews. What all have you compared them to? Im half tempted to order up a pair. 
OK, brace yourself.  I wasn't expecting to like them this much.  I have an old pair of Genesis APM-1s that simply weren't doing it for me anymore.  I needed more.   I've had them for over 10 years, having bought them used.  I bought the JBLs strictly on current owners' reviews.  I was blown away.  They have made my Genesis irrelevant.   I'm not just talking out my ass here when I say that I am finally 100% happy with the sound that I have now.  Everything sounds incredible.   Those reviews you have read are not exaggerating one bit.   Worse case scenario, you can return them if you don't like them.  I'm curious to see what you decide and looking forward to reading your impressions should you get them.   
There are a plethora of choices in your price range, to be sure.  If you like Klipsch - real Klipsch - then the Heresy IV would be your choice, but do yourself a favor and pair them with a tube amp.  I have never heard a Klipsch speaker of any kind (and I've been in to audio for 45 years, including pro audio, and owning a HiFi store back in the day) sound 'right' on even the best solid state gear.  On the other hand, I have heard Cornwalls and an ancient McIntosh MC-240 sound damn near magical.  Going 180 degrees the opposite direction, Magneplanar 1.7i will have size and detail nothing else in this price range can touch.  Just make sure you can pull them away from the walls a couple feet, and that your amp is happy at 4 Ohms. Pivoting yet again, it's hard to ignore the pedigree of the KEF R3 . Think of them as a more forgiving LS-50 with an extra octave of bass or a working man's Reference 1 .  Or for that matter, buy a pair of LS-50s - $899/pr at KEF direct, and get a genuine no-holds-barred Class A speaker and spend the change on a subwoofer.  And I would be remiss if I didn't mention the Goldenear Triton 3 (powered woofer) and Triton 5 (all-passive). So, there are my Top 5 (well 7, counting options) recommendations in the $2500-ish range, each with a distinct approach to sound reproduction, each with impeccable credentials. Happy listening.
Martin logan electromotion Esl, Vandersteen 2ce, Magnapan 1.7i with REL 5i sub or any sonus faber, Monitor Audio, B&W, KEF, Paradigm. Dont know how Focal and Dynaudio sound at 2500 but look for them too. 
I have owned Maggie 0.7s, Revel F30s in my primary system and KEF and Elacs in my secondary system. Currently running Devore 9s in my primary driven by a LM tube amp. The lesson I have learned is that efficiency is the key to the “at a reasonable price” part of the equation. Going efficient will give you a lot of flex w the amp that will save you $. 
Ie - the recs here for maggies or your consideration of Kef Q series are both off base given your amp in my limited experience. I have owned both and i didnt think either sounded satisfying unless paired w something orders of magnitude above what you are using for amplification. I have never owned tektons but suspect they may be something for you to seriously consider. Same with dirty weekends. Both are speakers i would argue cross over between life style and audiophile and are supposed to be forgivingly easy to drive. If on the other hand you buy something simply off the reviews and ignore db rating, you may end up trapped into having to upgrade you amp. Most hifi speakers are analogous to a magnifying lens. The more expensive, the greater the magnification. Receiver generally dont “look” good at high levels of magnification and dont have power to make low db rated speakers shine
Eminent Technology LFT-8b has low distortion and transparency rarely heard in your price range.  Downside is it completely trashes poor recordings.   
As you can see, asking that question here is like asking a herd of cats which way to go. 
FWIW - I have a pair of the Polk Audio LSiM 705’s I bought 2 years ago and love them. Polk is currently offering a 50% off on their website. Wish I got in on that deal ! Might be just what you looking for and in your budget !
@tblanka +1 for the Tannoy!- 

I purchased an all tannoy setup about 15 years ago for my A/V system  and still have them - they are all still working flawlessly
- Fusion 4 Towers for the front
- Fusion centre channel
- Fusion 1 for the rear

I also looked at Klipsch in the same snack bracket, and found a store that carried both that I could audition.

It was pretty close...
- Klipsch were very dynamic but a little bit brighter that the Tannoy and depending on personal preference they might be better for Surround sound
- The Tannoys won out on musical presentation

I drove them with a 70w/channel Denon 5.1 A/V receiver

There are higher priced/perofrming model/ranges like the Revolution models that use the Tannoy centre mounted tweeter.

The only thing to be aware of with Tannoy is that they can require a little more toe-in that other brands to achieve an excellent image.

Hope that helps

It is my opinion...many of todays speakers are fluff,hi tech looks and garbage...TheHOF audio engineers of yesterday are gone.....Too many of todays speakers are utilizing expensive parts to arrive at a less than ideal audible solution resulting in money flying out the window constantly in search of something to be lived with....The more spent the less satisfied.......Get a solid 2 way classic,well balanced and accurate and you’ll all save yourself alot of bucks..maybe put it into the electronics driving them....
Take a look at the speaker line from Monitor Audio. I have Monitor Audio Gold 100. Across their line there is good value from the price. Their floor standing as well as book shelves sound very good. The type of music that is your preference may should also be taken into consideration. I like jazz and speakers that are dynamic, clean and generally neutral. If heavy rock, R&B, or some other pop genre with very heavy bass you may want to consider other brans. There is obvious a wide range to select from
First off, you are using a surround sound receiver which is great for multi-channel video and music, but it limits the 2 channel Hi-Fi sound that you can get from a decent 2 channel system. I would recommend that you use that fund to invest in a 2 channel stereo integrated amp and speakers. You can spend around $1500 with a quality Solid State amp or a Tube amp or a Tube Hybrid amp and then a $1000 on a set of speakers. I have a Vincent SV237 Hybrid amp and a set of Klipsch Forte speakers which I really love (no subwoofer needed). I have removed the bottom risers from the Forte and have then on a speaker stand that points the mid-high horns to my head level which puts the sweet spot where it needs to be. My goal is to create the live experience from a 2 channel music which is really the what artist has intended us to hear. Hope this help which ever way you decide go.