Wonder how many brands of cables use Techflex to conceal humble origins

Three major wire manufacturers that come to mind are Belden, Mogami and Canare. 

Amazing what Techflex can do! For instance, I've read numerous times that Audience uses Mogami cable. Imagine taking $15 of Mogami cables, nice terminations (let's say Neutrk Profis), some Techflex, and I've just turned parts that I can buy at retail for under $60 into a "contender" in the $750 to $1000 MSRP bracket. 

BTW, I only have respect for Belden, Mogami and Canare- I've used product from each quite successfully- Belden for power cords, Mogami for XLR ic's and Canare for headphone cable extensions
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One manufacturer I'm sure is not going this route is Cerious Technologies, Bob Grost sent me a very cool pdf file of his construction process, i uploaded it to What's Best Forum,  http://www.whatsbestforum.com/showthread.php?19311-The-Making-Of-A-Cerious-Technologies-Graphene-Extreme-Cable

I don't believe you can upload files to this forum but take a look it's pretty cool and fascinating and no affiliation just a satisfied customer.
I think a lot more than one would think . Think of all the small cable makers out there . Seems like dozens of smaller cable sellers . Do they have a metal foundry ? I think not . They sourced some wire from who knows where and added the jackets and terminated them . And then all that is needed is to compare to some expensive cables to come up with a price . Because it is possible to source some copper wire that sounds as good as the big buck wires !