My humble opinion.....

I've resisted posting on this thread for some time. I've come to realize that others have much more experience than I regarding music @ sonics. I'm still willing to put my neck out on the line in saying.... check out Dr. Hook @ The Medicine Show "Doctor Hook". The sonics are more than acceptible and despite your hesitation, the song writing is awesome!!! Even, Roy Halee had a connection to this record.
Comm'on, give me some props for this "Faaarrr Out!" recommendation!
Right you are!
The Cover of the Rolling Stone is one of my favorites - audiophile quality without any special effects and doctoring (like Pink Floyd and many other over engineered stuff). Like much of Tom Petty's stuff it sounds absolutely incredible on a high quality balanced setup - just like the band would sound in concert - no added sugar coating.
I will have to look for that one. Don't be intimidated to express an opinion because others are "more experienced". This is all subjective and there really are no "experts". If you like something and think it's great it is, to you, and that's all that matters.
You've hit on the magic of not only Audiogon, but Audio, the High End--everyone's opinion is absolutely correct!

A friend of mine went to the RMAF a few years ago and was completely 'aghast at the cocky, banty roosters' that he saw walking the halls of the exhibits.
Who ARE these people? he kept asking.
I was so used to it after 30+ years of CES (Chicago before Vegas), that I'd desensitized myself to most of the haughtiness that's so prevalent.
So, Sonofjim, your advice was right on target, good job.

You're so right! Has anyone noticed that ther's not one remark concerning the band! ........