wiring a US hubbel plug

Apologies if this seems a dumb question, im in europe so not familiar with US wiring.

Is the black terminal in a USA mains hubbel plug
always the positive ??? ie when wiring for 110 volts.

Copper screw is Line 1 + (wire color Black), Tin screw is common - (wire color White) & Green screw is ground (wire color Green).
Just to use the proper terminology for alternating current circuits: Copper colored screw- HOT(black wire), tin colored screw- NEUTRAL(white wire), and of course green screw and wire for ground. BTW: The only "dumb question" is the one that's not asked.
Unless you ask "Is it hot enough for ya?" when its 102 in the shade.......thats a STUPID question!
OK Chad- You win! =8^)
Thanks, hated but had to say it!