Where do you buy Hubbell wall socket?

Can't afford the Wattagate 381 so settling for the hospital grade Hubbell in the 20 amp wall socket (model number 8300-I). Where can you point me to the cheapest online seller? Thanks
Nex- I'd highly recommend that you consider the FIM A/C duplex outlet instead. It retails for about $50-$55 per duplex and is a nice improvement over the Hubbell hospital or heavy-duty outlets. If interested, call Sound Trends (my local dealer for FIM and ask for Bobby) at 800-726-7293. If you'd like an East Coast dealer, contact eAudioNet. Goodluck.
Go to an electrical distributor like Graybar, Westinghouse, GE, anyonr that selling electrical supplies to industry or hospitals. I went to Home Depot and got a Hospital Grade/Industrial grade 20 amp socket. Works just fine.