Wilson benesch

Thinking of buying new speakers.
I like the look of the Wilson benesch ACT and curves.
Dose anyone have any experience with these 2 speakers?
In the past, I have owned a pair of Arcs and have listened side by side to the curves and the acts several years ago driven by Theta and then by Audio Research. The arcs are great for monitors. The Curves are nice but nothing remarkable, especially at the price point. The acts are terrific. I couldn't understand why they were so much better than the curves but they were. I just sold my acts here on Audiogon and for the money they bring pre owned, they are an extraordinary value. I drove mine with solid state McIntosh and then Audio Research tubes. Im not a loud volume guy so I preferred the tubes. Good luck.
I haven't owned either of those two specific Wilson Benesch models, but I do own the Wilson Benesch Arcs and I find them to be superb. The Arc is a smaller model than either of the two you're considering, of course, but what they share in common is the carbon fiber and extruded alloy cabinets. Have you ever owned speakers with non-wood cabinets? I hadn't before buying the Arcs, and owning metal cabinets became a bit of a revelation for me. To my ears, and the way I perceive the sound, the coloration that comes from a wooden box disappears and you get a level of transparency and clarity that I'd never heard before. It sounds too cliche, but the Arcs just disappear from the room. I liked the effect that metal cabinetry had on the sound so much that I bought a pair of BMC PureVox for my living room - a completely different animal, but also with metal cabinets (extruded aluminum). Everything I've read about the ACTs has been overwhelmingly positive, and I'd own those in second if the timing was right.

Don't let the lack of buzz (WB speakers aren't talked about as much in the USA as many other brands) dissuade you from trying a pair. And yes, as you already noticed, the carbon fiber cabinets are gorgeous!