Which speakers to replace a pair of Wilson Benesch

I have been using a pair of UK's Wilson Benesch Orator speakers (2 ways) acquired some time ago, with a Meridian G08 CD player and a Krell Kav 400 xi amp, situated in a L shaped, two storeys medium to big size room. Music tastes are eclectic with a preference for jazz.
Whereas the mid/higher range frequencies of the speakers are impressively well detailed, and transparent (especially for vocals), the bass are disappointing, the music lacks of presence, and somehow sounds flat.
Currently considering the following replacement (choice is limited): JM Lab's electra 926 (just discontinued ie bargain) or alternatively Polk audio's LSI 15 speakers. Someone mentioned as well the Sonus Faber..
Budget is 3000 usd max.
Can someone help me in my choice?
Thanks in advance.

Spendor S8e.

Tyler Acoustics Freedom F5.

Audes Grand Blues.
Consider adding a Subwoofer (or stereo pair).. it will be easier to tune for room problems.
Excellent suggestion from Cytocycle.

Especially since the Wilson Benesch's are so fantastic for mids/highs.

I second that.