Wilson Benesch Full Circle

I am considering a used Wilson Benesch Full Circle turntable with Act 0.5 tonearm ($1500) or a new JA Michell Tecnodec with Tecnoarm and Dynavector 10x5 for around $2500.
Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated
1. I would subtract Dynavector from the Michell combo and get better one such as Lyra Delos. I own Gyro SE that probably didn't drop a penny since I bought it 10 years ago so I suspect Michell might be better investment than Wilson although heard quite a bit about Wilson's great performance.
Taste is different and I am among those, when I have to listen to a Wilson Benesch Arm (and their tables), I want to be paid for.
I mean, serious bucks.
Try to do a listen with some Classic Records (Decca, London), when you enjoy it, ok. When not, buy a Michell Gyrodeck with a SME IV or V. That is a serious investment in analog reproduction.