Wilson Audio Sasha Mk I

Hello everyone - I wanted to get some advise on buying a second hand pair of Wilson Audio Sasha MK I speakers, and pairing it with a Plinuis Hiato amplifier:

which I have connected to a Plinius Koru phono stage:

Connected to my Clear Audio Concept turntable with the factory installed MC cartridge:

I listen to all types of genre, from rock, pop, jazz, hiphop, and I also have a REL T9/i sub connected to the system, which I may or may not use:

Could I please get some educated/professional advise on whether the Wilson Speakers would be a good long term investment for this setup.

Thank you in advance
This would be a great match as Plinius has a strong, bold, clean sound that Wilson Sashas will eat up. Plinius puts out the current that Wilson Sashas demand.
If you have heard any Wilson speakers from the current or near current line up and like the sound, especially its superb reproduction of dynamics, you will be very happy. Of course, every popular speaker manufacturer has its detractors and fans. Count me solidly in the Wilson fan camp. I've had mine for 8 years (and Puppies for 5 years before that) and still marvel at how much enjoyment I get from them every time I listen.
Finally, Sasha 1s on the used market are a stone cold steal at around 14k.  
I've owned several Wilson speakers: Sophia 2s, 3s, and Sasha 1s. Maybe it was my room or the "system", but Wilson's are fatiguing to "my ears" over the long haul. As already mentioned they are very, very good with dynamics! I've had Aerial, Revel, and now Monitor Audio speakers since the Sasha 1s and would never go back to Wilsons. Of course that's just my preference and you must decide with your own ears.
Now let me tell you the rest of the story. The Sophia 2s I had developed a small crack a couple months after I purchased them. The Sophia 3s were just coming out and Wilson decided to give me 100% for my Sophia 2s towards Sophia 3s. That was a no brainer to me. It only cost me a couple thousand dollars to get the Sophia 3s! After a couple months I decided to try the Sasha Is. I started to notice I would feel drained every time I listened to music. To be honest, during that time I wanted to be part of the Wilson club. I didn't use "my own ears" to decided my preferences. After a while with the Sasha Is, I decided to sell everything and start over. So your comments aren't a true indication of my experience with Wilson's and why I purchased them.
@ricred1 , As you might guess I own a set of the Sophia 1s, have had them for 8 years and really love them but do understand that they aren't everybody's cup of tea, with that said I have heard the Sasha 1s in a couple of set up and really liked what I heard. Also find it telling that after visiting the Wilson sound 3 times that you found it necessary to sell everything and start over.
When you're buying stuff to fit in, or be part of a club,  as opposed to listening to components with you own ears, it's easy to understand why I started over. I purchased every Wilson speaker without listening to them on the advice of a friend that was a dealer. You would be shocked at what I paid. I made money when I sold my Sasha Is. So, all in all I didn't loose any money,  but more importantly I started to grow in this hobby. I started to trust my own ears. The great news is it's okay if you love them. I love my Monitor Audio PL 500's! There are no absolutes in Audio, only preferences! 

I should add that I'm very lucky to have a very, very good friend that's a dealer. He's different than the guy that sold me the Wilson's. I can listen to components that I want to try in his system or in my own system. That's how I buy components now. I use my ears!

 So, back to the OP's question. My answer is only your can decide what sounds good to you. If possible try to get a home audition. If not, see if it's possible to take your amp to wherever the speakers are located.

@ricred1 , I can guarantee you have a good friend as a dealer, with all your changes I love you too, you have obviously sold some very good equipment on the used market which is where I normally buy.
Wow, I didn't think the conversation would go down this path, but thank you for all your advise ;-)

Unfortunately I'm not in a position to listen to these speakers on my system, therefore I can only look at the technical specs and ensure it matches my amplification, and  also read the myriad of (mostly) positive reviews out that there.
I own a pair of Wilson Sasha 1. They are amazing speakers and excel with most genres of music; especially jazz, classical and rock. Like some have said, wilsons are not everyone's cup of tea so it would be best if you could audition it and hear it yourself.

The Sashas are extremely transparent and detailed speakers so proper setting up and equipment matching are key to making them sing! Also, do consider the large room space required to set them up properly.