Wilson Audio Sasha Mk I

Hello everyone - I wanted to get some advise on buying a second hand pair of Wilson Audio Sasha MK I speakers, and pairing it with a Plinuis Hiato amplifier:

which I have connected to a Plinius Koru phono stage:

Connected to my Clear Audio Concept turntable with the factory installed MC cartridge:

I listen to all types of genre, from rock, pop, jazz, hiphop, and I also have a REL T9/i sub connected to the system, which I may or may not use:

Could I please get some educated/professional advise on whether the Wilson Speakers would be a good long term investment for this setup.

Thank you in advance

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@ricred1 , As you might guess I own a set of the Sophia 1s, have had them for 8 years and really love them but do understand that they aren't everybody's cup of tea, with that said I have heard the Sasha 1s in a couple of set up and really liked what I heard. Also find it telling that after visiting the Wilson sound 3 times that you found it necessary to sell everything and start over.
@ricred1, did you mean to say, wouldn't go back again and again and again.
@ricred1 , I can guarantee you have a good friend as a dealer, with all your changes I love you too, you have obviously sold some very good equipment on the used market which is where I normally buy.