Will ARC VT-100 drive Dynaudio C-1's

I've got the itch to try a pair of used C-1's off audiogon.
I just want to know if my amp can push these speakers. I talked to a couple of stores about it and they said I need more power. I trust the people on this website more than I do the B&M stores. If you have experience with the C-1's please let me know what you think. Thanks.
I've owned the C2's and currently the C4's. The NA Sales Manager for Dynaudio once told me he's heard the C2's sound quite nice with the ARC VT-100. I drive my C4's with a Plinius SA-102 (moderate power @ 125WPC in 8 ohms), which I preferred over a pair of powerful Sim Audio monoblocks.

Mind you, if you want to drive the C1's to concert level dB's, the ARC may fall a bit short in some cases, however, for normal / moderate listening levels, I think you'd be just fine.

The C-1 is a wonderful speaker, ruthlessly revealing of anything in the food chain, exposing the weakest link.

While the ARC is a fine sounding amp and in moderate size room will be more than adequate, to really make the C-1's sing you will need 250 watts or more per ch.

While I have heard suggestions that ss amps work best on this speaker because of the low sensitivity, a big tube amp lifts them to a special plateau.
It all depends on how big your room is. In a smaller room yeah they should work great together.
i think the C1s will work fine with VT100 in a mid sized room, though i'm not a huge fan of that particular tube amp.

i would like to try VTL 450s on the C1 as well as Krell 400cx.

i had the Pass X250.5 and it was a very good match for these speakers. i use BAT integrated now as i'm not as big into 2 channel.
You have received sage advice so far.
Most Dynaudio speakers are current-hungry and their usable dynamic range is from mid-volume to very loud. There is not much definition at quiet to moderate levels. These are speakers designed to sound best when played LOUD.

OTOH, most tube amps excel at low power. There is an increase in harmonic distortion as one demands more power.
All in all, IMHO, this is not a synergistic combination. The amp is fine when the speaker is coasting (but sounding bland) and the speaker sounds its best when the amp is fully stressed (therefore adding THD).
If you must try the combo, use the 4 ohm impedance tap and short/thick speaker cables.
Good luck
Agree with Casouza. For the C1, use a high current, high quality SS amplifier.
Casouza---i think most would disagree that VTL 450s or something similar would have a problem with current. this is a monitor after all---a single BAT 75SE i'm pretty sure has huge enough capacitors to supply all the current the C1 requires. tube amps are not all built like you describe.

i think a Berkeley dac direct into a pair of 450s could work magically with the C1s.

C4s i could see pretty much having to go to super tube power---so best for ss. the C1s i feel are a different animal.
Keith, my post was in light of Tater's specific question: Dynaudio + ARC VT100.

You may be correct regarding VTL 450s, I have no experience with those amps. Maybe they can push enough current into the Dynaudio's average 3 ohm impedance in the bass to make them come alive.

I did not mean to imply that tube amps are built this way or that way. I have been an user of tube amps for the past 25 years, I love tubes.

I would say a minimum of 200 clean, solid state Watts is the basic requirement for driving properly those speakers, unless Tater listens at background music levels.