Will a Wattgate 20A IEC female end fit AR VS115?

I found to my chagrin, that a Furutech 20A IEC plug on an aftermarket power cord will not seat all the way on my AR VS115 amp because the fuse holder protrudes right above the amps power receptacle. The main body of the Furutech butts up against the protruding fuse holder before the plug can seat fully. The Wattgate has a low shoulder between body and plug, which may be just enough to allow full seating. If anyone is using a Wattgate with success on a VS115, please let me know. I plan to just rewire the cord.
piss poor design by ARC....
A Schurter 20A IEC plug should fit.


I agree, piss poor design for sure. Never considered it until I went to plug in my A'gon purchased DCCA reference master. Now just need to find out regarding the Wattgate. A bit of an esoteric question, I know.

Gbart, I don't believe the Schurter will take the heavy guage copper in the DCCA - it is one stiff, heavy cord. So much so that I would only use it for an amp or power supply, even if it had a 15A end.

Curious, how old is the Amp? Was it designed and built under the new owners of ARC.
ARC sold out, I believe, around two years ago or so...
Hey, Jea48.....The VS115 was introduced by AR in Jan 2008, so was underdevelopment for some time prior. It is a current offering - this one is less than 1 year old and I've owned it for 3 months. It replaced Qucksilver Mono 90's, and has been a clear upgrade in sonic performance. I was considering Quicksilver V4's when this one came up for sale.
A good friend has one, I know he uses different power cords so I'll check back after I visit and see what all he uses.
btw Jea48, the only person who left ARC was Bill Johnson, who hasn't done any work there in quite some time. He's been living in California...

Time will tell if the new owners of ARC will maintain the performance and build quality of the ARC products. Lets hope they do not just use the ARC name and start cutting costs to increase profits.



Thanks Chashhas, whatever input you can give me will be very helpful. If your friend's cord is heavy guage with an after market plug, please check on the make of the plug. I would like to just rewire the DCCA power cord.
OK, so what I really want to know, is does a Wattgate 20A IEC connector fit into the back of an AR VS115. With all respect Jea48, I honestly don't care about who currently owns AR. The VS 115 is a great sounding amp, I got a good deal on it, and I want to adapt my new power cord to fit it. Plain and simple. So I repeat, does anyone have experience with a Wattgate 20A IEC fitting a VS 115? Or, if not, I appreciate input as to what aftermarket cords serve this amp well.
Shuteye, you are correct. It is very hard to find an aftermarket that fits the VS115. My friend tried, and went back to the stock cord. although, the stock cord seems very hefty. You just don't get a lot of clearance above the IEC slot. It can't fit one of the big round plugs like an oyaida. You might check with several of the online wire suppliers, like vh audio..they have great photos to size up the plug end... good luck!

And agreed, I have no idea what agenda Jea48 has....I doubt with the new Anniversary preamp about to come out they are cutting any costs...
Thanks for the input, Chashas. I may just go ahead and order a Wattgate, as it is the only one of the high end connectors that looks like there may be clearance. If there is sufficient clearance, it will be by a gnats ass. I can return it if it doesn't fit. At $97.00 it may be a few weeks before I do so. In the meantime, if anyone has any info on a viable 20A connector, please shoot it my way.
Chashas, tell your friend to check out Shunyata.
Their 20A IEC connectors are like the AR ends in conformation - plug body is small and square. They also make a 20A to 15A adapter, allowing use of a 15A cord, but also serving the purpose of moving the plug body out from the back plate of the amp, leaving room for the fuse holder end cap.
After looking at the 20A wattgate I'm using with my Ref 3 and the pic linked above, I'm not sure there is enough clearance. Check out the wattage's specs at


The outside diameter on my 20A extends approximately .3 inches above the width of the insertive part.
And agreed, I have no idea what agenda Jea48 has...
05-13-10: Chashas1

NO agenda...... I just find it odd that a company such as ARC would knowingly put the fuse holder that close to the IEC male plug on the amp. They didn't just fall off the turnip truck. They had to know the fuse holder would cause problems with the use and proper fit of aftermarket pcs.
Okay, Jea, you're off the hook--by agenda I meant why you kept going on about the future of ARC...

Agree on the spacing predicament, but maybe they didn't want people swapping power cords for this particular model?
It would seem they have nothing to gain by keeping you from swapping cords, you get their cord regardless, so I can't agree with any conspiracy theories...too bad we can't ask the designer...

Thanks Shuteye, I'll pass the info along...good to know!
Hey Alexanderj, thanks for the input. Do you mean the immediate shoulder that is somewhat squared off that surrounds the insertive portion of the plug protrudes above the insertive portion by .3 inch? In other words, this is the clearance that would be needed to insert under the fuse holder? Thanks Jea48 for supplying the picture of the back of the amp for reference in your first post. I admit I am computer challenged in this regard.

One more question Alexanderj, what is the length of the shoulder, measured from plug body to drop off of the shoulder (where it drops off to the insertive portion)?

Agree on the spacing predicament, but maybe they didn't want people swapping power cords for this particular model?
05-18-10: Chashas1
Then they should have put a captive power cord on the unit.

It would seem they have nothing to gain by keeping you from swapping cords, you get their cord regardless,
05-18-10: Chashas1
Not so sure about that. Maybe they do want to dictate somewhat what type of aftermarket PC is used on the unit. Heavy pcs can put a heavy downward force on the IEC plug. This downward force could possibly cause the body of the IEC plug to crack. I would imagine under the warranty period ARC would replace the IEC plug.

Problem I see if a user installs a pc where the IEC female connector does not seat properly over the IEC plug the connection could be compromised. Poor contact leads to heat... Heat can cause damage to the IEC connectors. Poor contact also causes VD (voltage drop) and may cause damage to the amp.

Point is who really knows why ARC designed and built the amp the way they did. ARC through the design though is dictating to the buyer/user what aftermarket pcs can be used on the product. If this was indeed ARC's thought behind the design it was a bad safety design, JMHO....