Wattgate 381 v. Hubbell 8300 cryogenically treated

Wattgate 381 v. Hubbell 8300 cryogenically treated

The Wattgate 381 (non-cryogenically treated) and the Hubbell 8300 (cryogenically treated) sounded SIGNIFICANTLY better than the standard (non-cryogenically) treated FIM 880 and Hubbell 8300 outlets.

I could not distinguish the difference between the Wattgate 381 (non-cryogenically treated, $148) and the Hubbell 8300 outlet (cryogenically treated $60). They both added GREAT synergy to my system.

All 12 of the well-recorded CDs I listened to (that I use for demo comparison purposes) sounded as if the volume had been turned up one or two clicks at the preamp, resulting in a much more lifelike performance. There was more detail in the lows, mids and highs, and I heard a sweeter timbre and background accompaniment I had never heard before. The sound was not harsh, and the bass was bigger and deeper. I suspect there had been a lowering of the noise floor (blacker background) which improved my ability to hear the performance in greater detail. I can’t explain it but the Wattgate 381 and/or the Hubbell 8300 outlet cryogenically treated (done correctly, 24-48 hours @ -324) IMO will be an improvement over the same outlet/or other outlets that are not cryogenically treated.

Next I want to have my standard Hubbell 8300’s, Wattgate 381, and FIM 880 cryogenically treated.
One note, the Hubbell 8300 (cryogenically treated) took three days to break in and sound pleasing.

Associated equipment:

First Sound Presence Audio Linestage I
Wadia Transport #20
Dodson Audio Model DA-217 MK II D
Cary 2A3 Monoblocks that sit upon SP 004 Sistrum Platforms including three direct coupled Audio Points
Equi=Tech 2Q Power Balancer
Soliloquy SM-2A3 Speakers and the Soliloquy speaker stands filled with Sistrum Micro-Bearing steel fill
Bybee Quantum speaker filters
Pure Note Epsilon Reference Speaker Cables
Pure Note Epsilon Reference Interconnects
Purist Proteus Digital Cable
Purist Proteus 20 Amp Power Cord
BMI Whale Elite MK I Power Cord
BMI Whale Elite MK II Power Cords
BMI Shark Power Cord
Shunyata, Black Mamba
Audio Points under all componenty
Salamander Archetype 5.0 with Mega-spikes
Dedicated 20 Amp circuits with FIM #880 outlets/ Wattgate 381/ Hubbell 8300 cryo

I'm glad to read your findings--I've been waiting for them. This confirms my conclusion of buying those PS Audio Power Ports @ $30 each and sending them for vapor cryo treatment. My power cords and interconnects are being sent to Jena Labs for deep immersion cryo treatment a few at a time...
After I posted this information it was suggested to me that I mention that the Hubbell cryogenically treated outlet (http://www.audioexcellenceaz.com/worldpower.htm) was used for five days by me before doing any critical listening. When I first received the Hubbell 8300 (for critical listening purposes) it was less dynamic and harsh; however, after the third day it began to sound very smooth and dynamic. Please note that all the outlets that Audio Excellence AZ/WorldPower ship have had 4 days of conditioning on the Cable Cooker. According to Alan Kafton, “without this conditioning (and the double- cryogenic treatment), it would take at least one month of continuous play for these outlets to sound decent.”
Lak: Thanks for posting your findings. As you know, i've been hunting around for some outlets. I'll probably pick up some Hubbell's and have them cryo'd locally. Sounds like the most bang for the buck. With as many outlets as i have to change, i really couldn't afford to go any other route. Sean
I have not really paid any attention so far to the cryo issue. I guess there's something about the idea that makes me doubt its validity or turns me off (maybe it just smacks of the 'ice beer' marketing scam). Can anybody give me a brief education on how this is supposed to work, any evidence they may have pro or con (not necessarily limited to the audio field), and what these treatments cost?
Zaikesman, check this website out: http://www.cryogenicsinternational.com/
All your questions could be answered there.
Sorry to hijack herein,but there is great disparity on things croyed.I am now buying speaker cable. As I have communicated with many wire makers--"everybody" I have talked to dislikes the concept.--Yes everybody! Ok, I'm also thinking they have no actual experience with/ or they just don't do it(don'thave local access) (whatever). The only mfgs I know of, that are big supporters are Jenna Labs and Vertual Dynamics. My mind isn't closed. 10 years ago I'm sure there were just as many folk skeptical re. power cords.
I hear you Zaikesman. I myself had my share of doubts on the cryo issue until I installed a set of cryo treated output tubes in my amp. Now there is a possibility that the tubes themselves were better than the stock tubes I was using and the cryo treatment really didn't add or subtract anything. I don't know for sure but I can tell you that the "improvement", attributed to the combination of better tubes and cryo treatment until proven otherwise, was quite dramatic.

Larry, how about cryo treated 381's? Where will this madness end! Thanks for the update and no I haven't yet decided on where to go from here.
I agree Tubegroover - you would really have to remove one set of tubes, have them treated, and reinsert them to evaluate. Even then, the time delay would allow for uncertainty. But with two completely different sets of tubes, you have no way of knowing where to attribute what. (Glad they sound good, though!) Thanks Lak for the website, I will check it out.
If i recall correctly, there was a member here who posted a "shoot-out" that they did with three identical sets of cables. They used a "stock" set of cables that had been used normally, another set of cables that were "burned" on some type of a "cable cooker" and another set that was cryo'd. Memory says that the member thought that both the "cooked" and "cryo'd" cables sounded nearly identical and were miles ahead of the stock cables. To me, this seems like a pretty valid way to conduct such a test. I don't know the specifics, but i'm sure that the person that had spent the money to do such a test wanted to find out the truth and do it in a manner that was as free of bias as is possible. Sean
Sean, you could try to contact Jeffrey Daumer, he is an expert of sorts on Cryo! Don't know if he ever cooked? Wait, did they plug him in to the Wattagate?