Why not Music Hall TT's

Just curious. I've heard they are a good deal for the money but rarely hear them mentioned. Why is that? The MMF-9 looks like a pretty nice table for the money. Is it because they are not/easily upgraded? Thanks.
Curious, I find them mentioned a lot.
Between Rega, and MMF... that is most of the "low" price market.
I used a MMF-7 for close to 18 months. This is a very good table and a real bargain if you can pick one up on the used market. Be quick 'cause they go fast. I sold mine within 8 hours of placing the ad here on Agon. It is true that there is not much you can do beyond a few tweaks to the Music Hall tables. I have heard from many MMF 7 owners that love thier tables and have no plans to change them. IMO, the MMF 9 is not worth the extra money as there is just not much difference in performance when compared to the MMF 7.

With the Rega tables you do have more options to upgrade the arm.
Love my MMF-7 and have no plans to upgrade. Goldring Eroica, felt mat, record clamp, separate power supply/motor, dustcover....hard to beat! Good luck!
I had a MMF7 and sold it and bought a VPI hw19jr. Much more musical TT. It was nearly an even swap. I did have to buy a cartridge and ended up buying a Grado Reference Sonata that was way better than the Goldring. MHO.
The parrots mention them a lot. They're good TTs for people who don't know any better...

Not just because they aren't easily upgraded... when was the last time you saw some other turntable, say a Sota or a Linn or a VPI with a "Music Hall Tonearm". With the Rega, at least, you've got a absolute winner of a tonearm that can be used on MANY other turntables with great result. And, since these two brands share similar price points, it make the Rega more of a contender.

Beside that, the "whole comes with a Goldring cartridge" thing is just so universal and not everyone wants a Goldring cartridge.

Besides the Music Halls and the Regas, I think the VPI Hw19 series is a fantastic buy at the prices these are going for these days. A truely great turntable, in build quality and sound quality. So I agree with the previous poster.

Good Luckc
They used to get mentioned all the time here. Mainly it's that they're not as tweak-and-mod-able as comparable Regas, Linns, and VPIs, like the others have said. They sound fine but when you want to upgrade you pretty much have to get a whole new rig. Not so with the Regas and especially old LP12s and VPIs.
I had a mmf-1or2 whatever their first table was.
It was ok for my first table but I didnt keep it long.
My biggest gripe was customer service from 'the maker' I had a problem with the arm and he wouldnt help me out at all.
The reason you don't hear them mentioned as much as, say, Rega tables is because:

1. The Music Hall tables are not made for tweakers, and
2. This forum is full of tweakers.

What many people on this forum can't seem to understand is that not everyone wants to obsess over VTA, azimuth, VTF, SRA, anti-skate force or the whether to use the Baerwald or one-point alignment method. Or that not everyone constantly feels the need to upgrade. Some just want a table that sounds good without a lot of fuss. For those in this camp, Music Hall tables are a winner.

Music Hall tables are also great to see if vinyl is for you. My first table was a MMF-5, and now I have a Teres. Obviously, vinyl was for me. However, If I didn't like the committment to vinyl, I really wasn't going to be out that much coin.

As mentioned above, used Music Hall tables in good condition are in demand. When I posted my MMF-5 on Audiogon for sale, someone snatched it up in (literally) 20 minutes.