Why are there no Reviews of the Pass Labs XP-22. Is there anyone with strong feelings?

I have dug into this as much as I can and see no real Reviews of the Pass Labs XP-22. The comments seem to be fairly vague and incrementally from the XP-20 it seems as if there is not big jump to the 22. 
Is there anyone with strong feelings about the pre? 
XP22 check out new Stereophile asap!!
Morningstaraudio - I am in exactly the same place as you.  After 20+ years of tubes, this is the first time I have not had any tubes in my system and I don't miss a thing.  I did recently upgrade from 250.8 to 260.8 monos.  They are still breaking in, but a nice improvement over the already great 250.8.
Tricon_Dave, there are a few pieces I want at the moment so the 260.8 will have to wait but thanks for putting them on my radar.
 My digital components are top notch but I'm lusting over the Marantz SA10 for some reason. To many wish list dreams.