Why are there no Reviews of the Pass Labs XP-22. Is there anyone with strong feelings?

I have dug into this as much as I can and see no real Reviews of the Pass Labs XP-22. The comments seem to be fairly vague and incrementally from the XP-20 it seems as if there is not big jump to the 22. 
Is there anyone with strong feelings about the pre? 

Considering the xp22 for better synergy with the 250.5. But concerned that as OP mentions - can’t find too many reviews. 
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Wait for it.... The June Edition of Stereophile is shipping. The XP-22 is on the cover and has been auditioned. It won't be on the web till later. 
I've had one in my system for a couple of months now and love it.  I have a full Pass Labs chain with XP17 phono, XP22, and X260.8 monos.  I don't even have to read the review...to me this is a long term keeper.

I love mine. I had an XP-20 in a different system years ago so I can’t compare. 

Running my XP-22 into a 350.8 balanced and am quite content. 
Had the HPA-1 for almost a year then moved up the chain to the XP12 for 7 or 8 months then upgraded to the XP22 and couldn't be happier. Running the XP17 phono at the moment but would love to get the XP27 if funds permit. Amp is a X250.8 so the synergy is perfect between components. After living with the XP22 now for about 4 months there is no looking back or going back. Did the tube thing for 20 years, was even the North American distributor for Eastern Electric, now retired and Pass for me was the way to go. Tube tone without the hassle of tubes.
XP22 check out new Stereophile asap!!
Morningstaraudio - I am in exactly the same place as you.  After 20+ years of tubes, this is the first time I have not had any tubes in my system and I don't miss a thing.  I did recently upgrade from 250.8 to 260.8 monos.  They are still breaking in, but a nice improvement over the already great 250.8.
Tricon_Dave, there are a few pieces I want at the moment so the 260.8 will have to wait but thanks for putting them on my radar.
 My digital components are top notch but I'm lusting over the Marantz SA10 for some reason. To many wish list dreams.
I was just wondering if anybody out there has tried the new Pass Labs XP 12 or XP 22 with class D amplification? Something like the Merrill Veritas/Thors or the Bel Canto 600M mono amps? Just curious as hell if this is something that could lead to synergy of any kind for us guys that don't already have a Pass Labs amp and are considering one of their newer pre amps in the near future.
I have the Pass XP-22 driving an ATI NC528 class D amplifier. They work just fine together. The XP-22 has spot on tone, great soundstage and nuanced detail.
The ATI just amplifies those characteristics. 
Just picked up an XP 22 and I own a XP 12.  XP 12 is a good, neutral pre-amp.  

Shortest answer - XP 22 is better, and it was obvious to ME.

Shorter Answer - seems like used price differences if you are patient is in the 1700-2k neighborhood. - If you can swing it, and have the space - it's worth it.

More detailed answer - XP 22 to me has a bigger soundstage, more detail and space around instruments but isn't bright.  Blacker background for sure. - Did I hit every audiophile cliche?

Here is what I can tell you It's really good. I had planned to do a head to head and decide if it was worth it.  Took me about 1 hour to decide the XP22 must stay.  Oppo DVD player off to another room and a longer USB run... only so many shelves in this room!

you should try the xp-32.....it is better still.......kinda crazy with 3 boxes but it rivals the dartzeel preamplifier and that is highest praise imho.....I doubted the xp-32 could be as big as a jump as moving to the xp-22 but it is....the xp12 is a killer moderate budget preamp...the xp-22 is a killer luxury preamp........the xp-32 is world class.......cannot go wrong with any of the three.........I am sure the xs preamp is one of the top end of the world class.....this is my limit financially so wont be auditioning that to hear what I am missing......

I have only had the xp-32 for 2 weeks so probably not even completely broken in......listen with pass monoblocks and pass xp-27 and its thrilling 
what about the xs preamp?

I'd love to hear the XP-32 at some point, but I'm pretty sure I'm up against my space and budget limits!  

On another note, I'm a fan of BAT's stuff also.  For a short while I had a VK-200 amp at the same time as my 250.8.  The 250.8 was better, no question.  That said, it should be.

I would tell you the difference between the XP22 and XP12 was every bit as large, if not larger than the difference between the VK200 and 250.8.  (other than obvious power output) Personally I find the BAT Solid state amps to be similar in character to the Pass stuff.  
Would love to hear more comparisons of xp22 and 32 and tube preamps. Thinking of getting into tube preamp but I already have x350.8 and love is sound and wondering if I can get some tube magic from xp22 or 32?
I'm wondering the same!
I have a rockna wavedream dac, and two SE amps. An LM845 premium (integrated with pre in option) and a firstwatt SIT-3 that i use dac direct. 
I wonder if a pass xp-22 would be the answer to both. Concerned about the only 3db gain single ended, which is how i would use. I also read somewhere that unity gain is at step 89 out of 99 on volume control! It would work fine with my tube amp, but not sure for the SIT-3?
Unity gain? I thought it exists in pro audio only..
Well the unity gain as i understand it is when the preamp is passing the signal at the dac line level, no attenuation. So if I want any "gain" from the preamp itself, i will have to be at above volume step 89 out of 99. With most amps, this won't be needed, but with my firstwatt SIT-3 unusual low gain (11.5 db only), in certain tracks which are low level recodings, i might need that.
I have asked passlabs, the gain of XP-22 via single ended is 6db, vs 9.3 balanced. I will be using it single ended, and I think 6db would be enough.
I have one on order, so i guess i will find out myself in about a month!