Why are choke power supplies still not common?

My Rowland model 8 ( original version with choke) seems fairly immune to power supply issues.. i have tried several power cords with little or no improvement, yet on lesser power supplies they make a big difference. Why don't manufacturers utilize this power supply more?
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Cost - the unit price of the inductor and costs involved with vibration isolation, the space they need and the added weight. Chokes went out of favor with the availability of electrolytic caps as they became cheaper and more reliable.
Actually a good number of components still use them. I have seen them in Modwrights, Lamms, Metronomes, McIntoshes (my MC240 has a big one), Karans, Border Patrols, Blue Circles, Gryphons, etc.

I think choke filters are still highly relevant and advantageous because caps don't filter the same way. But many companies prefer to boost profit or reduce price by skipping out on it because they are indeed expensive.

My MF Trivista SACD player has 5 choke regulted supplies. I can clearly hear differences as I compare power cords. Shunyatas ended up too edgy on the HF, Richard Grays were way better on HF so I picked them. Also while a good player modders often say it needs a lot of help. Clock,D/A area, caps and the like. One British company had a level one mod for about a thousand pounds. The full mod was about 2500 pounds. So what I'm saying I guess is that CR supplies are good but the whole synergy of a piece of gear is important like the synergy of a complete Hi-Fi system.

Ga5556, How do you feel the choke power supply compares with electrolytic caps? I know that chokes are more expensive, but are they also more immune to power line fluctuations?
Electroid, I guess I was more curious about the supply in an amp vs. other components, but that is a good point