Who makes a Stereo listening chair

Roughly 25 years ago (mid 70's) I sat inside and listened to stereo in an egg-shaped chair which had good quality speakers built into the padding at about ear height. This thing was said to have been built for a World's Fair exhibition. Sound was much better than you might expect because it approached headset control of ambience but with better physical comfort and larger drivers. When I say egg-shaped, I mean the chair was molded fibreglass, roughly 4' tall, ovoid, maybe 30 to 36" in midsection diameter. You entered it through an oval cutout in the front.

Anybody know what the chair was correctly called, or where I might find it or a similar item?
I don't know but I'd sure like to help design one!
If I remember correctly, Al Kooper, in an interview in Stereophile, was shown sitting in the orb chair. Al's website is:

The chair I'm thinking of is called the "Ball" or "Globe." It was designed by Eero Aarnio, a designer from Finland. Made from moulded fibreglass-reinforced polyester seating section on painted aluminum base with internal fabric-covered foam upholstery. Circa 1966 - 1980 very retro!!

Try Ebay under "retro" or "mid-century modern design," or your local 2nd hand vintage store. They are very rare and will be in the thousands of dollars for an original.

They may still be in production but probably without the built-in stereo - very cool!

Happy hunting.
Check out http://www.elixa.com/mental/alphachair.htm

You also should try 'stereo & chair' at Google search engine.
Yeah, but try filling out a test while sitting in one of them egg chairs like Wil Smith did in MIB.
Krypton, the Egg Pos Speaker Chair. www.krypton1.com