Best Audiophile chair around $200

So, what's the best chair out there for $200 or less? I like to have a headrest. What are your thoughts on headrests? Do they jack up imaging because of funky reflections going on right behind your ears. I don't care too much about waf. Also, what are your thoughts on foot rests and thier affect on sound? Thanks for your input!
Get a used Ekornes Stressless off of Ebay. I think the headrest is worth the little bit that it effects.
A chair that fits you likes very well is the Poang from Ikea!!! It's surprisingly comfortable, has a head rest and a footstool can be purchased separately. The chair costs $99, the footstool $59!!! I find that headrests do modify the sound but are worth the comfort.
A chair should keep you in the sweet spot so your height and chair sitting position height is important. The built quality dictates chair to stand on all legs and not squeak when you move so I'd pick up Micro-fiber one. The rest of factors isn't important for chair. For leg rest usually you buy ottoman or reclining chair having in mind that ottoman should be the same built quality as described above.

Sub $200 for chair and ottoman or reclining chair dictates you to search craigslist or blow-out furniture sales. Ikea cheap models usually horrible as they may not be standing on all legs or squeak when you move.
The weird thing about the Poang chair from Ikea is how much it hurts the sound. In fact I had take it all the way out of the room. Must be the foam padding, reminiscent of Sonex.
The most economical solution for leg rest is to strip cushions from your couch and put them under your legs.
In today's "Ever Evolving" virtual systems there is a picture of the Poang in Milpai's system.
Tilted "My Dedicated last!!" (Milpai)
I find the Poang perfect for my needs. The reason being - my tweeters are 32" from the floor. And the Poang puts me perfectly at that height. All other chairs that I tried put me at least at 35", which I do not like.
I have tried small stools and phone books to understand how intrusive the backrest of the Poang would be. I did not hear quite much difference with the Poang in place. I have been using this chair since 2005. It has a "center" marking that I have in place to match with the room center marker and the blue tape that also has the room center marker.
All I have is a Lazy Boy and I do NOT recommend a head rest. Not that when my head is back it sounds terrible but everything sounds so much better when I sit straight up.
Headrests are fine as long as you have the right dielectric. I recommend a teflon outer shell and it should be cryo'd for optimum effectiveness. Oh yeah, one more thing, whatever you do don't let your head touch it!
Thanks everyone! I wondered if I was going to get some sarcastic responses, or even any at all. It's interesting to see split responses on the Ikea chair. GeoffKait thought it was horrible, yet that's what Milpai uses and he has a nice looking set up. Funny, jaxwired, it's okay to have a headrest, just don't use it! I'm really surprised that with how it seems like there are endless possibilities with everything else in this hobby, why not any reasonable priced, well damped chairs with a footrest and headrest just large enough for your head, but with no area outside your head?? Anyways, I'll look into all the suggestions, and please keep the responses or follow up responses coming! Thank you :-)
Oh, and a side note. Samhar, Milpai, and jaxwired, all of your systems are awesome! Very very nice, even though I don't have a clue what it is - lol. You fellas are on a different plane than I, jaxwired, in my opinion and for my taste, you have the nicest "looking" system I have seen, ever. It oozes class. Well done to all three of you!
Don't tell B_limo where you live !!!!! :)
Dang it Tpreaves, on to my diabolical schemes yet once again! I figured I'd start with the chair question and ease my way into the address question mid thread, based on which Ikea people are shopping at! You know, all this would be much easier if you would just join me on the dark side, where we all know the music sounds better as there are less distractions anyways ;-)
One that does not have ahead rest or any backing above your shoulder level, otherwise you will be hearing echo. So look for something without a head rest.
I use my office chair, a Herman Miller Aeron. It's so comfy, & you can roll it around to get into a better listening position. Granted, they're $600+ new, but there are used ones on CL, sometimes for way, way less.

Soundchoiceav's suggestion to "Get a used Ekornes Stressless": I had one of those. It's not that adjustable. You're in a fixed position. It's harder to get in, & out of. They take up a lot of floor space. They are very comfy tho, & it might fit your needs, esp. a used one for cheap.

IMO it may very well take more $$ (than $200) to get a good
Audiophile chair; even used.
Not sure of the price but . . . this one
I removed the headrest from my Poang. For the money it's hard to beat.
Speaking of classy, thank you for the kind words...

In all seriousness, I've used a poang chair for years and love it. Takes up minimal space. You sit low like most Scandenavian seating and it provides a very comfortable position. It comes with a matching footrest. Available in many colors to match your decor. AND last but not least it's dirt cheap.

Does the headrest impact the sound? Yes, in a small way. But it's worth it.
I am honored that you mentioned my system in the same line as Jaxwired and Samhar. Their systems are at a totally different level. I can only dream of such systems :-)
Like Timrhu, I do sometimes take off the headrest.

There are 2 chairs that I am considering in the near future:
1. The Easy Rider Chair
2. Baxton Studio Le Corbusier-Style Petite Leather Chair
@ Ncarv, dude that's totally inappropriate... Getting me all fired up about finding the perfect chair, only to find out it's not for sale! Hmmm, I think I might actually have the materials to replicate that chair though.
I love my Poang chair for all the above reasons...I've been using it for about 15yrs, (w/ matching ottoman). The headrest is great but if you want to open it up a bit you can fold the headrest under the top "rung" and tuck it under the one below it...this reduces the height of the fabric somewhat and hence the absorption factor around your ears (I lay a nice folded throw over the top when not in use to keep it neat looking). I've even been tempted to drill some 1" or so holes across that [now exposed] top wooden rung to see if it will 'air it out' even more but I haven't bothered yet. If anyone does, let us know.
Happy Lissn'n.
I've even been tempted to drill some 1" or so holes across that [now exposed] top wooden rung to see if it will 'air it out' even more but I haven't bothered yet. If anyone does, let us know.
Happy Lissn'n.

I removed the headrest from my Poang as I never used it. Also have considered lowering the back a bit to air it out as you say.
Informative Thread!
But what about the chair material? In particular regards to the area around the listener's head and/or headrest.

eg: When using a headrest, would a fabric material or wool/cotton provide less reflection of sound around the listeners ears than a leather/pleather/vinyl material ??

I have a pleather recliner with a headrest that is fantastic (milo baughman reproduction). The headrest is awesome for naps/relaxing, etc, but I think it probably slaps at least a slight echo of sound back to my ears, and thus distorts the sound.
Nothing with foam, certainly.
I'm moving my poang chair right now. I ripped the top board out a month ago in an attept to make it more comfortable but the arm rest are too high (why are most chairs like this?).

I also believe no headrest is best. I'm switching chairs and will report back
Get a old milk crate its free!!