Which table to choose - Rega P3 or Music Hall MM7

Im thinking about replacing my Thorens 318 . Im leaning towards the P3 because of the tonearm . Or maybe a VPI JR. with a rega arm .Is the MM7 better than the P3 ? Any recommendations or alternatives ?
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Hi Jakeman,

I used to own a MMF 7 and I really think they are good for the money especially if you can pick one up used. If you think you will keep it for a long time I think you would be well served by the Music Hall. That being said I tend to agree with your thinking that the P3 may get the tilt in it's direction depending on which Rega arm is on it. I'm not familiar with the 700, 900 and 1000 but from what I have read they don't seem to be as versatile as the 250, 300 and 600. By that I mean that it seems to be easier to adapt these latter arms to other tables and situations. If your like most of us analogers, keep in mind the upgrade path of whatever table you consider.
I had the P3 and was very pleased. There are mods to the tone arm, including an upgraded counter weight, which make it even better.
The MMF-7 had some good synergy. I really liked it for its price. Haven't heard the P3 as much - but I preferred the MMF-7 slightly.

Table for 2! Sorry, just couldn't resist.
Rega just in case you ever need parts or service. A local dealer got rid of the Music Hall franchise when he could not get any parts. He still sells Rega. Also the Rega has plenty of tweeks and upgrades that you can have fun with in time. Also the Rega has a better Tonearm. You never see other brands of turntables using Music Hall tone arms.
I'd go with the Rega - I've owned a MMF-5 and a couple Rega tables. My current table is a Rega P-5 and I'll be keeping it for a while - really enjoy it.

I'm pretty sure NeedleDoctor used to sell a wide variety parts for the Music Hall tables. Motors, etc. - could be wrong though.
I had the mmf-7. It was a fine table and sounded good. I sold that and bought a Rega P-5 with 'Exact' cartridge. The combo of the 700 arm and the Exact is superb. I am hearing instruments on records I did not know were there with my other tables.

I also had a pro-ject and a Rega P-3. Both were good. But I can certainly say the Rega's get my vote for sound, build and ease of use.