Which Preamp would match my system?


I'm wondering what kind of preamp would match my sytem.
I'll appreciate any help...

Teac Esoteric DV-50
Siltech G5
Siltech G5
YBA passion Stereo
Van Den Hul The Wind
JM Lab Electra 927Be

I was thinking about the following:
- BAT vk-31se or 30
- YBA Passion preamp (expansive)
- PS Audio new GCP-200
- Bryston BP-25
- any other idea?


Rogue Magnum 99 got many great review at audioreview, and it's fairly priced.
Of the few pre's I've tried with a Passion, I particularly enjoyed the Passion & the CAT Ultimate -- both of these are expensive, as you note. I also liked a Symphonic Line -- but that's even more expensive...

From there it's pure speculation; the Passion stereo is an easy load, so the choice is huge. It's also an exquisite amplifier with excellent resolution. So, using a "good" pre (as opposed to an "outstanding" pre) will be audible.
Have you thought of going passive? A transformer volume control can offer excellent results, and you have lots of power in the Passion and reasonably efficient speakers -- so maybe you can live without the extra db's a pre will offer.
Would vouch for a high quality tubed preamp such as First Sound Presence or a Bat, with the super tubes. Honestly, for the type of system I personally feel that the Rogue would bring the level down a notch. There are some Rogue users out there but I have read that their tubes need to be closely matched or else, you might wind up with some noise issues. A hot rodded First Sound Presence Deluxe II, with a single input and direct heating of the source with the tube...would not that sound spectacular with your highly revealing source. Talk to Emmanuel, he is a great person to discuss the needs. For world class set ups such as yours, why settle for anything iffy or less than the best?
A nice tidbit of information from AudioCircle about the Rogue 99.....so I do not get harrased by biased Rogue Preamp owners!

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Wed Oct 06, 2004 9:31 am


i owned the rogue magnum 99 and didn't experience excessive bloom, but it was noisy and microphonic which led me to get rid of it...
I would go for the Passion preamp. That way you are sure you are getting everything from your very fine amplifier - and they match as a bonus. Arthur