Which pre amp s suites my YBA 1 Alpha hc amp?

Have a Yba 1 alpha High Current amp. Looking For Ideas For a pre -amp for this thorobred. Have Dynaudio 72 audience speakers , and just a Nad c370 integraded amp used as a pre- amp for know. need to step up in the pre-amp part of my system. please help with advice.
the magazine I subscribe to uses your amp with a Copland cta 305 pre, and they swear by that combo. Good luck!
Why not the obvious and a YBA preamp?
Its own, CAT ultimate, placette active, EAR 864, Copland (older models).. to name a few. There are many others. It's a somewhat difficult load (choose a pre that matches well with a 25-30kOhm load) -- but other than that, it's the sound that matters. To state the obvious: try out a few pre's starting with its own.
A YBA pre amp with your YBA 1 amp would be a match made in heaven. If finances permit I would try to get a YBA 1 pre amp or higher. However other YBA models would match as well.