BACH Cello Suites - CD only

So far I've come across these:
Maria Kliegel from Naxos, Yo-Ma Ma from CBS, and two by Janos Starker: an early recording (released '04 - Mercury Living Presence - hybrid sacd); and a later one (released '97) from RCA.

(Realize I am a classical music dunce and can therefore only repeat what I've read about these recordings.)

Kliegel's is interesting as she is credited with performing these with good emotion; and on a Stradivarius which was made before Bach even wrote these! But Naxos supposedly can be a gamble on sound quality.

Yo-Ma Ma gets mixed reviews of these: no emotion, too technical, too much vibrato, etc. (I sometimes suspect these comments come from the sour grape crowd, but I'm too ignorant to tell.)

Starker gets great reviews. I suspect the best fidelity would be the one from Mercury as it is a Hybrid SACD; but the latter one from RCA is credited as a better performance.

My goal is to purchase one which is of high fidelity (Casals may be the best performer, but samples I've heard from him do not sound good - high quality sound is a must for me) and good performance. I've sampled Starker on Mercury, which sounds good on my cheapie PC speakers, though his performance seems heavy-handed compared to Kliegel - maybe a man vs. woman thing? A clue to what I like is a recent purchase: Carl Stamitz - Cello Concertos Nos. 1-3 on Naxos, which I love (the music and performance is awesome, the sound quality is acceptable).

Not being independantly wealthy to buy all of them and judge for myself (preferred method), nor living near a decently stocked library, please help me decide which to get. Any preferences? Or other CD recordings of this specific music preferred? (CD only, please.)
My preference is the Starker, it is vibrant and beautifully played--the Mercury is a classic reading and recording, couldn't tell you about the RCA. I have also listened to some of the EMI Rostropovich recordings on CD, which sounded pretty good sonically and were played by a master; not sure if those are still available or out of print.
For pure poetry, try Pierre Fournier on DG. The 1961 sound is quite good and the performance is nuanced, poised and all together beautiful.
Rcprince - Thanks. BTW: I just saw an EMI of Rostropovich at Border's.
I don't think you'll find better than the Starker on Mercury Living Presence. It's a justly revered recording.


P.S. The SACD sounds magnificent.
buy the set on the Winter&Winter lable...the performer is Paolo Beschi, this is an incredible set, the recording is the best ive ever heard, recorded at 24bit/96khz with no processesing of any kind. and performed on a period baroque cello, and its an excellent performance, i have yo yo ma set as well and am very familiar with the cello suits, it is a good performance.
I have the RCA/Starker version. I like RC's comment about the playing being vibrant. I would also add - achingly beautiful. No lack of emotion at all. I have not heard the SACD version but I have NO problems with the sound quality of the RCA. I doubt you could go wrong with either of the Starker versions.

I have the Starker Mercury in redbook CD and enjoy it very much. I primarily listen to it on the excellent reissue heavy wt. vinyl and am not disappointed in the CD quality. I would expect the hybrid to be as good as the redbook cd.

Search for thread # 1134519047 here at audiogon. I asked the same question about one year ago. =]

Casals on EMI. He started the ball rolling.
A sleeper is Lyn Harrell on RCA. I have the lp's but they might be on CD. He plays them like keyboard pieces. Quite remarkable.
I second the Paolo Beschi/Winter&Winter recommendation. I also like Jaap ter Linden on Harmonia Mundi. Also consider the now legendary Paolo Pandolfo version performed on viola da gamba, on Glossa.

Don't bother with modern instrument versions.