Starker 6 Cello Suites

Hi all

I heard this 3-disc LP boxed set from Speakers Corner and was totally enthralled. disc

Sadly I dont own a turntable. Is this recording available on CD or SACD? There are so many versions of Starker doing the Six on CD that I cant figure out which one might be the same performance as the LP I heard.

The same recording was released on a Mercury Living Presence Hybrid SACD. It is very good.
I have it on a regular Mercury CD set.
Agreed...the MLP SACDs made from original 35mm master tapes are excellent. I have the following Starker recordings across

- Bach, Bruch, Dvorak, Tchaikovsky, Schumann, Lalo, Saint-Saens

In addition, on TopMusic (also Delos Int'l), there is a great SACD "Starker Plays Kodaly" that is very much worth having. The disc ID is TM-SACD 9002.2 It's a Japanese release.
I haven't heard the Starker you prefer them to the Rostropovich? Yo Yo Ma's?
Frankly, I like them all; the nuances among the performing styles and the interpretations are all worth (IMHO) having.