Which power receptacle to use?

I am considering either PS Audio's power port or Wattgate. They both claim to be good but Wattgate is like 3 times more expensive then the Power Port. Do you think is Wattgate that good? Or will I be satisfied with the Power Ports? Anyone tried them both any other recommandations?

I own the PS Audio power port ($50), Wattgate 381 ($130), FIM 880 ($60), Hubbell 8300 ($30) and Hubbell 8300 cryogenically treated ($60). I think they are all good, however I prefer the Wattgate or the Hubbell cryogenically treated in my system. I've noticed a very smooth sound with increased resolution and dynamics (with the Wattgate or treated Hubbell). I also believe the selection of outlets is system dependent and you would be happy with any of them over a standard stock outlet.
You will be as Happy with a Pass AND Seymour Spec Grade Reseptacle. You pay for the outlet not the hype.
I also own cryoed Hubbells from Alan Kafton at World Power, although mine are 5362's. I've also used the Pass and Seymour spec grades mentioned by Natalie and numerous other receptacles, and there is ABSOLUTELY no comparison. By the way, I am running the World Power receptacles both at the wall and in my line conditioner, and if you want the true benefit of good receptacles, I feel strongly you have to do this if you're using a conditioner.
Hubbell 8300 Hospital grade.
Sonic Genius: I mean no disrespect, but properly treated cryoed Hubbell 8300's or 5362's, are, as I stated above, considerably better than their non-cryoed stock counterparts. I would agree with you that for $20 or so the stock Hubbell 8300 is a very good receptacle (possibly the best along with the 5362), and I in fact ran stock Hubbell 8300/8200's in my system for a considerable length of time before switching to the cryoed versions. That being said, an outlay of $110 to $180 for two or 3 of these (if your system can run on that many receptacles) cryoed units will give you a major performance boost in your system equivalent to a much higher outlay in equipment. It is a serious bang for the buck. The cryoed units are in another league altogether. Anyone buying them will not be disappointed.
I would recommend the PS Audio power port. You can find them at a reasonable price on this site. They will not be as inexpensive as the pass & seymore but for the cost they are (IMO) the best one to use. For what you probably paid for your equipment you might as well go with an outlet that makes sense. I have no experience with the cryoed units the others are talking about. I have experienced the Pass & Seymore Hospital grade outlets and can say without hesitation that they performed very well. I paid $6.50 ea for them and $37.50 for the PS Audio. Is the PS Audio superior to the Pass & Seymore I can't say for sure, but for the price and the mental comfort; I figured why not.