Which is the best SET match for Quads 988 ?

Can 988 Quads be driven by an SET to play mostly classical, Jazz and chamber music in a 12X14 room ?
My front end is Meridian 508.20 and VPI Aries/Grado Sonata.
Preamp, Rogue99 Magnum NOS.
I'm wondering the same thing! May try hooking my 988's up to a friend's Cary SET's. I'll let you know. One user warned that SET's may arc the quads. Anyone have any experience or know why this would be so?
I have run my Quad 988's with my overachieving 15W Cary 300SEI/WE300's (and audiomeca 24/192) and it is a beautiful match. The midrange is to die for. You get the amp with world class midrange combined with a speaker that has world class midrange.
I have only listened to this setup in a smaller room, but the speaker does not sound underpowered and is one of the most glorious sounding combo's I've heard.

Of course putting them on my 150W Bat vk150SE's does bring out a bit more bass !

Disclaimer: I am a Quad dealer. (and darn glad to be one!)
In revewing the 20 watt per side Cary mono SE300 LX 20, (using KR 300 BXLS), Martin Collom using a variety of speakers mention concerning the Quad63, " the combination was truly mellifluous, the quad made no difficult demmand on the LX20 and the acnokwleged tonal purity of Quad was transported to a new dimension by the LX20 zero-feedback design", Stereophile,vol.22, no.8). Maybe I should let you know that I just put for sale, a couple days ago, my Cary SE300 LX20 monoblock on the Audiogon.
Futerman's OTL was magic on the old Quads. There is a new OTL builder on the bloch now, Butler Audio. I heard his brand new (no info yet) 100 watt tube, class A, open loop, no global feedback, transformless, 2 farad per block mono blocks on cabesse Kuras. The sound was the best I have ever heard. This was at a show in SF with new Quads to listen to too.

I'm a panel/ribbon man. I'm just wondering what those blocks would sound like on electrostats and ribbons.