How to wire Quads ?

I know this probably sounds stupid but how would you wire 4 Quad 989 speakers to a Cello Duet 350 power amplifier ?
Dealing with the right side only,as an example, do you take two leads off the right channel output on the amp and attach them to the plus and minus terminals of each speaker ? Or do you take one lead off the right channel output on the amp and attach it to the plus and minus terminals of one speaker and then run a second cable from speaker 1 to speaker 2 ? How would you connect 6 989s ? What would this sound like? Thank you all for your patience in answering.
Does this mean you're running dual-quads? Getting plenty of horsepower out of that motor, huh? :^). No, actually you normally would wire them in parallel, which is + to +, and - to -, from the amp channel output to each speaker. However, I am not making any claims that this will not make the load go too low for your amp to handle. Wiring in parallel will drop the load impedance to 1/2 what you would have with only 1 pair attached. If your amp has no trouble with very low impedances, then you should not have a problem. If the 989's are anything like the earlier Quads, you could easily blow them up with a 350 watt amp, so don't get too happy with the volume knob.
The 989 have built in protection circuits like the Quad 63, so there is little danger to blow them up. I personally would experiment between running parallel speaker cable as TWL suggests or daisychaining the speakers and chose the method which would give the best rendering of the high end of the musical sprectrum. I've done this with the Spectral 360 mono amps and two pairs of Stax F1 stators and prefered daysychaining to running parallel leads by letting my ears decide. Cheers,