Has anyone heard a Bel Canto SET40 with Quads 63s

I have been informed that the Bel Canto is a good match for a pair of quad electrostatic model 63 speakers.
Any points of view for suitable matches? I use a CJ pv10 pre and 11a amp at present but have been informed that a SET would be even better.
I personally like OTL's with the Quads. I have heard them with the Atma-sphere m60's and they sounded great. I have heard many SET's and I would strongly recommend picking up a new or used AS. Call Duke at Audio Kinesis, he will gladly take good care of you.
The SET40 is a great amp and does provide the SET sound with enough power for many speakers. It should be a good match for your quads. The CJ 11a amp is overly warm with weak bass. The SET40 has good bass with 2A3 like mids. The SET40 is class A operation with only 2 gain stages and no feedback. A very pure design. The power supply is well designed and the amp sounds much more powerful than the rated 37 watts. I owned the CJ 11a and now own the SET40. My speakers are the JMlab which are about 89db sensitive.
The OTL's are nice too, but at a high cost and all those tubes! The 845 is a great tube and they last a long time.
I see them on sale here for very reasonable prices. A very under-rated amp in my opinion.
Good luck